Friday, October 4, 2013

One Month Old

These newborn days go so fast! Despite being exhausted and having a colicky baby, it's still going too fast. Charlotte is 1 month old now, and 13 pounds. She's in size 2 diapers and I've started switching over to 3-6 month clothes. Much of her 0-3 is getting too small, except the pants. Getting bigger every day! We found that Colic Calm gripe water helps a lot with the colic, but she's still quite fussy some days. Sometimes for hours straight, but usually not more than a couple. We've all been enjoying the newborn snuggles, even the boys! They are still handling the transition very well. Sometimes her crying stresses them out a bit, especially Dawson. He has a hard time with loud noises.

A nice sight, the boys playing together!
 Charlotte cuddling Daddy so I could get something done
 My monkey on the back of the couch. Again. I could spend half my day getting him down from there.
 Sleepy baby
 She liked being with Daddy for a while. Until she heard my voice. Actually caught a bit of a smile there.
 One month old!


 Right after I took this pic, she rolled over!

 Managed to get them all in one picture
She was crying, so Gabriel was trying to comfort her
 I attempted to get one of them together sitting up.
 One left the scene and Charlotte was crying. Dawson was bouncing her a bit. He's so good with her! Until she gets too loud for him to handle, then he starts freaking out, but he does good with waiting until I get her from him.
 She was finally calming down
 So I got Gabriel back in the pic, and then she got mad again! They were both talking to her, trying to calm her down. Such awesome brothers!
 Snoozing on the couch, her common spot to nap.

 Dawson was holding her after school today. He talks to her and everything, it's so cute.

 Proud big brother
 Dawson made popcorn, mostly by himself today!
 Gabriel has a new-found obsession with trains.

 One month old in her car seat
 2 days old, coming home from the hospital. Wow that's a difference!

I've been feeling great, as recovery goes. I'm back to wearing my old jeans. I dropped 21 pounds in the first couple weeks, and I've stayed there since, but my pants keep getting looser, so I guess that's good! This is the first time I've been back in my jeans in the first month. I think we've just been so busy with appointments and dealing with the kids. By the time Gabriel was a month old, we were already living at the hospital, which isn't really an active lifestyle! I've been enjoying the school year so far, mostly for the mom groups that have started back up again. It's been nice to get out and talk to people I know. Mostly, I'm completely exhausted. She's a fairly good sleeper, but her fussiness during the day is very wearing. I've had a headache for about a week and I'm not really getting anything done. Getting out of the house a few days per week has been refreshing. I'm glad to be able to do that!

Dawson is doing great with his sticker chart. He needs 5 more to earn the Children's Museum, and he can potentially earn 3 per day, so he is close! He's been doing pretty good in school. They are seeing some behaviors, but not too bad. He's been doing great with his homework. He brings some home twice a week and they work on it during his Autism therapy after school. His handwriting is so much better this year, and he's been blowing through those worksheets. So far they haven't sent home anything he doesn't already know.

Gabriel has been saying so many things. His vocabulary is expanding daily and he seems so big! I just switched out his clothes, so he's in 3T shirts now. His 2T pants aren't going to last much longer either. He loves going to ECFE class and he's been doing great at my moms groups. Last year he wasn't a big fan of the childcare rooms, but this year he runs right in there to play. He's been playing with animals and trains mostly. He still loves his rocking horse! He plays on it everyday.

 We also just got this slide from craigslist. We had a smaller cube slide, but they outgrew it. It's good for them to have something to climb on, especially Dawson, so I was very excited to find this for a good deal. They are loving it!
 Charlotte and Kale. It's so exciting for the kids to have a cousin to see at gatherings. I'm especially excited to see these two grow and interact. Kale is 2 1/2 months older than her. So cute!