Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 Things Dawson Likes

I just have some random pics today. Not as much going on lately. Though in Walmart today I sure could've used Tyler's pacifier, but Dawson had once again taken it out of the diaper bag! I don't use it much, but it helps get us by those times where we have to wait until I can feed him. Dawson thinks it's funny to chew on it!
Here he is on his favorite toy in the mall. It's one of those cars you put quarters in, but we don't do that. He's just as happy to spin the steering wheel and sit in it. Just fine with me!
He hasn't been attached to anything before, but this moose is the closest. He got it free from someone at the State Fair last year because some lady thought he was cute. He's been laying on it and carrying it around off and on ever since. The other day he put it in front of his crib, so I put it in there. Now he sleeps cuddled up to it. So cute!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Date with Dan

We got out of the house today! Felt so good. We saw Star Trek and went to China Star Buffet. Was so nice to eat in peace. No toy noises in the backseat or food on the restaurant floor. It was nice. :) Star Trek was really good and the food was yummy. Haven't been there in about a year. Here's some pics I took the other day.

One of his "interested in baby" moments. They are still pretty few yet!
Daddy with Tyler
Tyler sitting in the car after getting a diaper change while I changed Dawson.
I think he does!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sibling Rivalry Starts Young!

The other day I tried to get some pics of the boys together while they are awake. It's not easy! Dawson was sitting nicely on the couch so I put Tyler on his lap.
Then Dawson started to squirm
and decided he was done having Tyler on his lap
After a short break I decided to try again but he wasn't having any of it!
But after Tyler was sitting in his own corner, Dawson decided to go over and give him a kiss on the nose. So apparently it wasn't personal, he just doesn't like babies on his lap!

Tyler News

I canceled the Dr appointment. Since the Dr said I could just call and tell him what Tyler weighs, I decided to just get a digital scale (wanted one anyway) and weigh him. So I stepped on the scale, which hasn't moved for me in 5 weeks now! I guess nowhere is better than up, but still! Then I brought Tyler on with me and figured out the difference. He's 16 lbs 12 oz! No wonder the Zantac isn't working well for him anymore, he's 2lbs more than he used to be! So I'm gonna call and have his dose upped tomorrow.

Tyler is teething! Tonight I can see 2 white spots on the middle lower gums. One is closer than the other. I'm guessing he'll have his first tooth by the end of the month from the looks of it! Could be part of why he's been so fussy lately. He's also very cute! Here's some pics I took the other day.

My favorite pic of the day!
Smiling and cooing
He got really hot so he was cooling off on a blanket without his sleeper
Swaddled after his bath

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Day and Dawson Pics

It was nice out so we played outside for a few hours. Dawson loves being outside and didn't want to come in. The boys were pretty fussy today. Tyler because his tummy was bothering him and Dawson because I was paying more attention to Tyler! I made an appointment for Tyler on friday morning to get his weight checked so we can up his dose of Zantac. Hopefully that'll help a lot. He also seems to be teething, so I'm sure part of his fussiness is from that. I got a bunch of cute pics today! Here's Dawson's pics.

Being cute, trying to get me to chase him
Being cuddly while Tyler naps
Being goofy after his nap
Eating pop ice after being outside. It was pretty warm today!
Splashing in the bath
His hair is starting to grow in more
He leaned down to taste the bubbles and got a goatee! Didn't like the bubbles either!
Stood his hair up. Not much is long yet, just a section on the top.
Having a snack (cereal) before bed while watching his movie to wind down.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yay for Naps!

I love naps. It's nice to have some quiet time, even with just one of them up it's so much quieter. Dawson fell asleep in his booster at the table today so I laid him down by Tyler to finish his nap. It was nice to have some quiet time, it's rare that they nap at the same time!

Dawson just started napping again. I think he's going through a growth spurt because he took a 2 hour nap today and was tired earlier than usual. It's been nice. The only downside is him getting up earlier. So I've been getting less sleep at night now but I try to nap when they do, if they nap at the same time! He's been asking for food every couple hours and eating a lot more at a time.

Tyler has been sleeping great. He's in his crib for the night now. This is his 2nd night and it hasn't bothered Dawson so far. I just wait for Dawson to fall asleep, then put Tyler in the crib once he's sleeping too. I'm sure it'll get worse once he starts fighting sleep.

Sleeping on the couch.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dawson is 22 months old!

He's almost 2! How'd that happen? Time is going quickly, I'm sure July will be here before we know it.

I got Dawson a toy off Craigslist today. It's a Busy Box. It has a dry erase board on one side, felt board on the other. The top/lid is a ball track thing. The short sides have a maze thing and some spinny blocks with letters and words. Dawson loves it! I put it in the car and he was grinning all the way home! Nice that it doubles as a toy box, we needed one anyway. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a fun day today. Went to my Grandma's house and saw my parents, siblings, aunt and uncle. It was nice to see everyone again. I got Grandma a hanging flower plant and my Mom a pot of flowers. We got to see Grandma's new calf, Jewel too. She was so cute.

So this was my 2nd Mother's Day and I have 2 kids! Wow. Please don't expect that trend to continue though! Here's a couple pics of the cuties!

Tyler completely content after eating. Cute how he has his hand on his full belly!
The boys before we left for Grandma's house. They are so cute all dressed up!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Busy Week

We've had a busy week! Saturday we helped Dan's sister move. Dawson went to my friend Kam's house for the day. He and Jacob had a lot of fun! On monday we went to a police K-9 demonstration. That was interesting. Tuesday we went to Taco Johns with a couple other Moms Club ladies. I've never been there before, I still prefer Taco Bell though. On wednesday Dan's sister came over to get some stuff that we ended up taking home by accident after her move on saturday. Then thursday we went to a Moms Club picnic and then to ECFE class. We only have 1 class left for the school year. He did great, he's really improved a lot in the last couple weeks.

Got this new mobile at Once Upon A Child the other day. It's battery operated, so I don't have to crank it every 30 seconds! Both boys really like it.
Dawson giving Tyler a kiss
Dawson and Tyler. I think Tyler looks so big here!
Tyler smile!
Tyler sleeping on the couch. He likes to sleep there in the evenings.
Tyler in the exersaucer. He likes being upright and able to look around.
Dawson on the playground at our apartment
Tyler was smiling and cooing at me
Holding his head up, he's getting so strong!
Trying to roll over

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Went on a Date!

Today my mom watched the boys while Dan and I went to a movie! We saw Fast and Furious 4, it was a cool movie. Afterward we got a few things at Walmart and went through the Arby's drive through and ate on the way home. The kids were great for my mom, so I was relieved. I handled it pretty good, I only called her twice! I always get so nervous about how they are doing but I guess that's just part of being a mom! It was refreshing to get out and I'm looking forward to doing it again! :)