Monday, March 30, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

We've been feeling rather cooped up lately. We did do some shopping this weekend and went to my parent's house on Sunday, but for the most part we've been inside a lot. It's too cold to go out and play but it's starting to look nice. We're still supposed to get some snow, it's on the forecast for this week! :( So we've all been a bit cooped up but we're hanging in there. Got some cute pics of the boys though!

Dawson on the couch after bugging Tyler
Dawson checking out Tyler while he sleeps
Dawson being tickled after I moved him away from Tyler
Smiling for the camera
Tyler in his bassinet. He looks so big!
Not a lot of room left! He'll probably be switched to his crib at 2 months like Dawson was.
Tummy time on my bed. He's starting to like being on his tummy more.
Hair! It's still weird to have to deal with hair. I actually have to comb it sometimes! I still don't have to comb Dawson's hair!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A miserable weekend

I had the flu all day Saturday so I was on the couch feeling miserable. Now Tyler has it too and has been spitting up everything he eats. It's been a vicious, spit up, scream for more because he's still hungry....very frustrating! He's finally asleep, hopefully he'll feel better soon! Dawson is sick of being cooped up, I just hope he doesn't get sick too. Hopefully we can all get better and get out of the house soon!

The other morning Dawson was sitting on the couch watching cartoons, so I put Tyler in his lap to see what he'd do. He usually shoves him away, but this time he let me put him in his lap and he was grinning and checking him out. He even let me keep him there long enough to get some pics!
I went to Mom's house on Thursday to visit and got some laundry done. I took this pic of him napping in her recliner. That's such a cute shirt! I can't believe he fits it already though! 3 weeks old and he's already fitting into some 3-6 month clothes!
Bed head! It's so cute to see him with messy hair in the morning, I'm not used to dealing with hair! It's very fine and wispy still, but very noticeable when it's standing up.Playing on his climber slideLooking mischievous

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nice to be home for a day

I'm not feeling very good today. Yesterday after we got home from the funeral I was sick to my stomach. I hadn't felt good all day either. After not getting much sleep the past few days and all the stress and worry, I think it all caught up with me. I really don't feel sick, just really exhausted. I'm feeling a lot better than I was last night.

Here's what Dawson did today. I think he was happy to be home! He had to play with ALL of his toys! It's quite a mess, I haven't bothered to try to clean the room yet, but I've kicked a path through it a few times!
Here's Tyler today, sleeping in the boppy. I think he's looking bigger already!
Dawson was standing on the stool in front of me being silly
He decided to share his Teddy Grams
When sleeping Tyler wasn't interested in the cookie, Dawson decided to just leave it for him for later! Wanting to share is good, feeding baby small cookies...not so much! We'll have to keep a close eye on him!

My Grandpa Passed Away

My Grandpa passed away March 11th after coming home from the hospital. He will be missed a lot. At the same time I'm glad he isn't suffering anymore. He spent about 30 years with Emphysema and it was hard to watch the downhill battle.

I'm very grateful for all the time I got to spend with him. I spent a week each summer at their house until I was 15. I think I learned the most about him during those times. We did so many things together, baling hay, feeding cows, fixing fences, grilling hamburgers. He took my sister and I horseback riding at a stable on a whim once. We also played cards and checkers a lot, even though it was a hopeless battle because his memory was so good he always won! I also saw him at almost every holiday and birthday. It was always nice to see his smile and hear his chuckle.

His funeral was Monday, March 16th at Union Church in Elk River. Visitation was Sunday from 4-8pm at Dare's Funeral Home in Elk River. He is buried at the Danish Cemetery along with my Grandma's side of the family. It was a nice funeral, my mom had written things about his life for the minister to read. I like that it was more personal.

Here's me with Grandma and Grandpa at my college graduation in May 2005
The rose I got after the burial service. Everyone was given one from the huge bouquet they had on top of the casket. It's the prettiest flower I've ever had.

Tyler's 2 Week Appointment

A lot going on, so I'm behind! Tyler had his 2 week appointment on March 12th. He weighed 10 pounds, 12 ounces and was 21 inches long. He looks good and healthy. He goes back in 6 weeks for his 2 month appointment. I think he already looks bigger! He's so much more alert now. We got home one day and Dawson decided to share some beads with Tyler. He's been doing that more lately.
Dawson seemed happy that Tyler had accepted his beads.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My help is gone!

Dan went back to work today. It actually went really good. Dawson is feeling better today. Yesterday he threw up a few times and was very clingy. It was a rough day. But his appetite is coming back and he's been less clingy too. Dawson is missing his daddy though. He keeps looking for him. He'll be asleep when Dan gets home, so he'll see him in the morning for a while.

We had to go refill my prescription, that went well. They have a drive through pharmacy, so that makes it so easy. It was raining a bit today, but we're supposed to get 6-12 inches of snow tomorrow! Not looking forward to that, I have to go to the library because I have movies due. Hopefully we won't get as much as they say.

Dan took the big box we had and made a roof for his climber, he really likes it.
Cute pouty lips!

He's really getting a lot lighter. He used to look kinda goofy in the lighter outfits because he was so dark. Now you don't notice it as much anymore. The bruising seems to be almost gone too. He does still have the red spot on his eye. Dr said that should be gone soon though. It is a lot smaller.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sick Boys and a Lost Cord

The boys are both sick now. Dawson's fever is better, but he's still stuffed up. Tyler has really goopy eyes but has been acting normal otherwise. Hopefully they'll get over it soon!

Tyler's cord fell off today, at 9 days old. I knew it'd be soon, Dawson lost his at 10 days and Tyler's was getting looser. Nice to not have that in the way. Now we just have to wait a few days for the middle to dry up and he can have a real bath! That'll be nice since he tends to pee a lot when his diaper is off, so sponge baths aren't fun at all. Dawson never did that, so this is new to us. Good thing we've had plenty of time to get fast at diaper changes! Though Dan got hit twice today, once from each of them! Weird since Dawson never does that. He must've learned it from his brother!

I'm feeling ok as long as I don't lift Dawson. It'll be harder not to once Dan goes back to work on Monday. Hopefully I'll be more able to lift him by then.

Here's the boys taking a nap. Dawson had fallen asleep on my lap, so Dan put him there to finish his nap.
Feels funny posting sleeping pics a lot, but since he mostly just eats, sleeps and poops, and I doubt anyone wants to see him eating or pooping, here you go! Tyler napping in the afternoon. He looks so comfy! I told him he has to stay this little for a while. We'll see if he listens or not. ;)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tyler is 1 Week Old

Can't believe it's been a week already! Today was kinda stressful. Dawson has a bad cough, fever and slight runny nose. He was whiny and clingy all day. He just wanted to watch movies, so I made a comfy spot for him on the couch and he sat back and ate cheerios while he watched his movie. After that he was feeling better and all he wanted was to go run in the apartment hallway. We got the mail, but he wasn't happy about coming back so soon. He kept wanting to cuddle too, but it seemed like every time he'd get in my lap and get comfy, Tyler would wake up and start crying. It was sad to have to put him down and look at his sad miserable face. I really hope he feels better tomorrow. I have the humidifier in his room again tonight.

Tyler has been good all day. Seems to have his days and nights mixed up. He slept for a 4 hour stretch this afternoon. He still sleeps for a couple hours at a time at night, but I'm pretty tired. Sometimes it's hard to get back to sleep after changing him, his clothes and whatever he was sleeping on, then feeding him, changing him again... It's a never ending process! I'm just very happy that we haven't woken up Dawson at night yet. He still goes to sleep very well and sleeps all night. I was afraid he'd start being harder to put to bed and waking up.

I was more sore today. I had a headache all day and I went 4 hours past when I was supposed to take my Ibuprofen last night, so I woke up in a lot of pain. Dan got it for me and I felt better once it kicked in. Then when Dan was outside I lifted Dawson onto the changing table and my stomach muscles have been sore since. It's getting better, I'll just have to change him on the floor for a while. Dan has pretty much done all of Dawson's diapers since I had Tyler, it's been nice. Suddenly Dawson feels so big and heavy!

Dawson kept running from the camera today, don't blame him since he doesn't feel good!

Sleepy baby

Waking up and stretching
Laying on my lap being cute
Cute little tongue. He was making all sorts of funny faces after he woke up.
Dawson playing under my computer desk

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Dan!

Today is Dan's birthday. Didn't do anything special, but we have plans to go to my parent's house to celebrate on Sunday. Dawson has a cough, so I'm really hoping he'll be sounding better before then! Not sure what the problem is, he was coughing this morning and ok this afternoon and now I've heard it a couple times this evening. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Tomorrow is ECFE class, so I'm hoping to be able to go and show off Tyler, they're all looking forward to seeing him. I'm feeling better today. Though I pulled a muscle getting up last night, even that is feeling better and I'm thinking of backing off on the pain meds.

Tyler's appetite is growing and he's been eating a lot more lately. So we didn't sleep really well last night. But we did get a nap in this afternoon. Dawson was more fussy today, probably mostly because of his cough, but also because Tyler is eating more and needing more attention. It's nice having Dan home to pay attention to him or change Tyler if I'm busy with Dawson. I'll be busy once he goes back to work on Monday!

Dan took this pic last night. Tyler and I both fell asleep after nursing him.
Tyler in the sling. I sometimes feed him in there, he looks so cute all cuddled up!
Dawson was being goofy, throwing a ball around.
He loves this planter bowl. Dan brought it home from work a year ago and he's been playing with it since! He thinks it's funny to walk around with it over his eyes and play peek with it.

Here we go again

Looks like Tyler has a milk issue too. I've been mostly avoiding it, but had a couple small things with dairy recently. Didn't think much of it until he started spitting up a lot. So it looks like I get to go at least another year without dairy. I was really getting used to being back on it too.

Other than that, Tyler is such a good baby. He sleeps a lot and enjoys just laying there getting talked to. He hardly seems like a newborn, he doesn't have the wobbly head, he's been able to pick his head up and look around since day 1! He's not a big fan of being on his tummy, but he will turn his head side to side to see what's going on.

Dawson is taking to him better now. He likes to come watch me change diapers and when Tyler cries he'll sometimes go over to him and look at me. The biggest issue is nursing, if he sees Tyler eating, he often wants to nurse too. If I tell him no, he'll start crying and look like I just kicked him to the curb! I've found if I nurse Tyler in the sling, Dawson doesn't realize what I'm doing. When Dawson peeked in to see him, Tyler was just sleeping in there.

The cutest thing of the day was when I was getting dressed to go shopping. Tyler was laying on our bed and Dawson wanted up there too. I helped him up and he went and layed down right next to Tyler and cuddled up. He kept looking at him and grinning, then petting his head and his arm, then going back to his cuddly position with his arms tucked under him. Wish I had my camera! He got up as soon as I stood up.

A couple pics of the cuties today....

Here's Tyler, hanging out in the bouncy seat
Dawson taking a nap on the couch on the boppy. He can sleep in the funniest positions!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pictures of Tyler

I'll try not to overwhelm the blog with cuteness, but here's some pics of Tyler!

Here we are right after he was born. He's gotten a lot lighter since then!
My mom took this pic when she visited us. Tyler is 1 day old, Dawson is 19 1/2 months.
In the hospital. We dressed him up for his hospital pics. 1 day old.
Tyler and Daddy
2 days old, just home from the hospital!
Cute baby yawn!
Dawson checking out Tyler on my lap. Not sure what to think!
Both boys napping on my lap after nursing. We cuddled and slept for about an hour!