Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sick Boys and a Lost Cord

The boys are both sick now. Dawson's fever is better, but he's still stuffed up. Tyler has really goopy eyes but has been acting normal otherwise. Hopefully they'll get over it soon!

Tyler's cord fell off today, at 9 days old. I knew it'd be soon, Dawson lost his at 10 days and Tyler's was getting looser. Nice to not have that in the way. Now we just have to wait a few days for the middle to dry up and he can have a real bath! That'll be nice since he tends to pee a lot when his diaper is off, so sponge baths aren't fun at all. Dawson never did that, so this is new to us. Good thing we've had plenty of time to get fast at diaper changes! Though Dan got hit twice today, once from each of them! Weird since Dawson never does that. He must've learned it from his brother!

I'm feeling ok as long as I don't lift Dawson. It'll be harder not to once Dan goes back to work on Monday. Hopefully I'll be more able to lift him by then.

Here's the boys taking a nap. Dawson had fallen asleep on my lap, so Dan put him there to finish his nap.
Feels funny posting sleeping pics a lot, but since he mostly just eats, sleeps and poops, and I doubt anyone wants to see him eating or pooping, here you go! Tyler napping in the afternoon. He looks so comfy! I told him he has to stay this little for a while. We'll see if he listens or not. ;)

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The Nicholson Family said...

He is so adorable! I love the picture of them sleeping together, how cute!