Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Tooth!

Tooth #8 finally got here today! He's in a better mood today too. A little fussy, but not as bad as yesterday. He's learning how to climb over things now. He made it on top of a pampers box last night. I had it there so he wouldn't get into something, and he climbed right over it and even stood up on the box at one point! AH! He's getting so mobile now!

Dawson and I went shopping with my mom today and afterwards we went to a few garage sales. I was going to ride horse tomorrow, but the stable owner (Greg) hasn't gotten back to me yet and I'm not feeling the best tonight anyway. I guess we'll see if I can get ahold of him tomorrow and see how I'm feeling.

Here's Dawson standing on the Pampers box! I'm not sure how he got there, since my chair is blocking the whole box! Yes, he was originally on the camera's side of the blockade!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Funny Story!

Dawson did something really funny yesterday! Laura had dropped a noodle on the floor over lunch and while I was cleaning up, Dawson decided to go eat it. I came around the corner and he saw that I was coming. He quick put the noodle by Laura's hand and crawled away! What a little bugger!

Dawson is teething again, he's working on #8! This one is bugging him though, he has a slight fever and he hasn't been feeling too good. Laura is teething too, so it makes it hard when they both want to be held!

Today he had a few goldfish crackers, which I later noticed have milk in them, but he never had a reaction! Weird. Allergies are so confusing! Stuff that's fine one day are an issue the next, I don't get it!

I'm thinking of going to the mall with the babies tomorrow, that should be fun. They really enjoyed it last time.

Monday, May 26, 2008

My Birthday

It was my golden birthday on the 23rd. I went to my friend Jenny's house on friday to celebrate her son Cody's 7th birthday and we stayed for a bonfire. It was a lot of fun, Dawson enjoyed playing outside and watching all the people.

On Saturday I went to Munsigner Gardens with Dan and Dawson, it was a lot of fun. Dawson enjoyed looking at the river and playing in the grass. It was nice to get out and walk around.

On sunday I went to my parent's house to celebrate. My grandparents were there and we had cake and ice cream. I ate my ice cream after Dawson went to bed tonight, since I can't have dairy.

I got 2 Harry Potter movies, the Flicka movie and 2 cake pans. Jenny gave me some perfume and candles, and Dan's parents gave me a horse beach towel, slippers and a keychain.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fun Day, Bad News

Yesterday I went to the mall play area with both kids, it was a ton of fun. They both really enjoyed it. They are so cute in the double stroller, Laura sits in back and leans forward to play with Dawson's head. They are both such good babies, I never had any trouble while we were out. We go for a walk everyday and if we have time I let them play on the ground. It's their favorite part of the day, they are always going up to the patio door and looking at me, wondering if they get to go out yet!

Last night I took Dawson for a bike ride. I have a child seat on the back now and he enjoys that too. It was really nice out so I decided to go further. I ended up going all the way out to the stable where I rode up until I got pregnant. He was happy to see me and Dawson enjoyed petting the horses. The bad news is, my favorite horse has gone lame, so I won't be able to ride him anymore. :( I'm really bummed, I did a lot of work with him. Being that I was the only one able to ride him, he got left in his stall or in the small barn arena the whole time. He can't be caught in a pasture, he's an ex-racehorse and still knows it! haha

Here's Dawson and Laura in the double stroller after our first walk. It was so hard getting them to look at the same time!
Here's Laura on her 2nd day here. Isn't she so cute?! She was still pretty shy that morning. I was making all sorts of goofy faces and she was just looking at me like I'm a crazy person. Maybe she's onto something! haha

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Started my job!

It's going good, she's a pretty happy baby and Dawson seems to think she's pretty neat unless she's taking all of my attention! So far today they've been taking turns sleeping, so it's been easy. She's just here a half day yesterday and today. Should be full time soon, but this is a nice start for all of us since it's a big change for her, Dawson and me!

I also just got accepted on a design team for digital scrapbooking! It's a lot of fun, I make pages out of kits she creates so everyone can see what can be done with them. I'll have to post some up some other time. Babies just woke up. :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fun Day at the Mall

Today we went to the mall. I walked around for some exercise, then went to the kid's play area to let Dawson play. I remembered my camera this time! He has so much fun playing there.

This is a log he likes crawling through. Took him a while to work up the courage to go in it the first time, but he doesn't even think twice about it now.

This dot is just outside the play area. He crawled right over to it and sat down in the middle. He seemed to think it was pretty cool to be there.
Tired! He sure did a lot of crawling and climbing on stuff. He didn't even wake up when we went to the grocery store afterwards. He made it out of the car and halfway through the store without waking at all!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well, I met with that lady (Becky). She's really nice and her daughter is SO cute! We talked a while and asked questions and she said she thinks this is the best choice for her daughter, so I got the job! Yay! She's currently in a daycare center and just doesn't get the attention she deserves there. Plus all the illnesses that go around centers are never fun either. I'm so excited! She starts on Monday the 19th. I got a booster seat with a tray so it's not in the way like a 2nd highchair would be, but I can feed them both at once now. That's about all I needed. I'm also getting a double stroller. I found one for free, now I just have to arrange a time to go get it. :)

Dawson was being so cute last night! Here's a couple pics of him. I saved the box the stroller came in for him to play with and I just set it up last night. He had a lot of fun crawling through it.

He was bored while I was washing dishes, so I gave him this to play with. He thought it was cool and played with it the entire time I cleaned the kitchen and then some!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I got a couple emails from people today, replying to my Craigslist ad for childcare. I have been trying to find someone to babysit since last April! Everyone either backs out without saying anything, or doesn't answer my replies! It's been very frustrating. I'm gotten my hopes up a ton of times before, but I have a good feeling about this one. I talked to her on the phone today, which I've only made it that far with 2 others. She sounds really nice, and I'm meeting her tomorrow morning at 11:30! Yay! I'll update tomorrow about how it went!

That also puts me under pressure to clean! Dawson has been working on tearing the place down for months, and I got to the point of not bothering to put stuff back neatly because he'll just mess it up again! So I have a lot of work to do. I have his room cleaned up and I have a good start on the kitchen and living room. I even filed a pile of papers that I've been meaning to do since....well lets just say I found stuff that said 2006 on them! AH!!!!

Not sure what got into Dawson tonight, but he is crawling around like crazy! We have a walk-through kitchen, and he's crawling around and around the kitchen wall. He must've made about 10 trips already. I don't know what he's looking for, or if he's trying to figure something out, but I sure hope it tires him out enough to go to bed on time or maybe even early tonight!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Got some allergy info

Someone told me yesterday that their son has the same milk allergy as Dawson. Her Dr told her to stay away from the meals because a lot of them have the milk powder in them. The more they are exposed to the milk, the worse their reaction can get. So I guess getting it directly, rather than through me, was worse. I looked and none of his other meals have the milk powder in them, so that's good. I'm still gonna stick with plain fruits and veggies for a while though. I'll try turkey eventually, but not yet.

Edited to add a thanks to Anne! I just saw your comment and the website was really helpful! I can't believe there's so many different labels for milk! Wow!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Food Allergy!

Last night was a LONG night! Dawson is allergic to milk, so I don't have any until after he goes to bed, since he's still nursing. Well, last night he woke up after I had some ice cream, so he spit up after I fed him! :( Then he was still hungry, so I decided to just feed him baby food. I got out some 3rd foods, a Turkey, Rice and Carrots meal in a jar, and fed him half of that.

Well that didn't work out so good either! He started itching his face, and pushing the spoon away. Then he got a rash around his mouth, and up to his eye where he'd been itching. I also noticed it went down below his chin a little. I cleaned him up and put him down to play. I'd noticed that rash before, but didn't think much of it. I thought it was from the rag, because our city water is really hard.

While cleaning up his food, I heard him cough a couple times, and when he went to breath in again, he was kinda gasping for air. So I held him a while and listened to him. His breathing was fine, it only bothered him when he coughed. He coughed again a little while later and it was a tiny bit better, so I decided to wait and see if it got better. He played happily for about an hour, and was even giggling some, so he didn't seem to be having much trouble. After about 2 hours the rash was totally gone and his breathing was fine. He'd fallen asleep on me, so I just put him to bed.

I looked at the contents of the jar, and there was a lot of stuff in it, I was surprised. Onion powder, skim milk powder, tomatoes, carrots, rice, turkey, turkey gravy and a couple other things. So who knows if it was the turkey or something else, like the onions or tomatoes. I've never heard of turkey causing allergy problems before! I guess I'll have to eliminate some of them. I have some plain turkey in a jar, so I'll start with that. Probably not anytime soon though! Not much else I can do, I'm not about to feed him straight onion powder! haha

I guess I'll be reading the contents before buying baby food from now on!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Tooth and New Foods!

Dawson has a new tooth! It's his 5th one. So now he has 3 on the top and 2 on the bottom. I think it came in 2 days ago. There's 1 following close behind. Those 2 have been in the process of 'coming in' for about 2 months now, so I haven't been checking them lately. I know it wasn't there a few days ago though!

He's been trying new foods out lately. Today he had some of my baked french fries. He also eats Cherios and Kix cereal a lot. He doesn't quite know what to do with stuff that doesn't break down to mush though. He had a little piece of carrot in his baby food and he kept it in his mouth for quite a while and ended up spitting it out. He is getting used to the little rice pieces though. He gets the stage 3 baby food (which has the little chunks of food in it) for supper, and stage 2 (smooth) for dinner.

I tried some baby rice cereal again today. That's the first thing you're supposed to give them, and he's always refused it. I thought it was maybe because he didn't want food yet. Well, he still won't eat it! Even with fruit in it. I managed to get a spoon and a half of it in him. With the 2nd spoon I got this look like "Mom! I made it clear that I don't like this stuff!" It was funny. He looks so cute when he does the wrinkly forehead thing. hehe

It was really nice out today, so we went outside for a little bit. He had fun swinging at the playground and crawling around on the patio.

He's starting to get more camera friendly. Before he was kinda shy, but now he smiles on purpose sometimes!