Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Almost time for baby!

I forgot to write about my last appointment on Monday! Dr decided that Friday wasn't a good day for him, so he's inducing Thursday instead. I was 3cm dilated at that appointment, so I go in at 5:45am Thursday morning. Which is about 6 hours from now! We're getting excited and nervous. Still hasn't fully hit me yet, but it's getting there!

Dawson is at my parent's house having lots of fun, so that's nice to know he's doing good there. He seems to have made himself right at home.

I'll update as soon as I can!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Second 39 Week Appointment

Had my appointment today. Dr says there's still no progress, so I have to come back on Monday for another appointment. That was the day he was hoping to induce. This time he says he'll induce on Friday, 2 days overdue.

If I've made any progress on Monday morning, I'll go in Friday morning for an induction. If I haven't made any progress, I'll go in Thursday night for cervadil. That helps dilate and thin things out so the induction has a better chance of being successful. We did it that way for Dawson and just the cervadil alone sent me into labor. So hopefully I'll have the same experience this time.

So that means I only have 1 more week at most! Yay! Nice to have an end in sight! It still hasn't really hit me yet though!

I feel bad for Dawson, he's really having a hard time. He's getting his 2 year molars in and he's not wanting to eat much. He has a fever too. Now tonight he's had a runny nose and he's sounding more plugged up as the night goes on. I hope he sleeps ok. I can't wait for cold season to be over! Probably picked something up from shopping. Last week it was from class, but it started too soon after class to be the cause this time. Now I'm feeling a tickle in my throat and I'm starting to get sniffles. I really hope it doesn't get much worse, I really don't need a bad cold this week!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

39 Week Appointment

Everything looks good. I haven't made any progress at all though, so he couldn't schedule an induction. I have another appointment on Thursday at 2:30pm, to see if I've made any more progress. He's still hoping for Monday induction, but I guess we'll see. It's nice that he's not rushing it, I've heard of other Drs who induce without making sure they are ready. Nice to be in good hands. I'm looking forward to being done, I'm down to only 2 shirts that fit me!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Smelly Valentine's Day

We had no plans other than the usual weekend stuff. Dan had just taken a shower and was headed to his computer, when I asked him for 2 favors. Dawson needed a diaper and one of his favorite toys needed batteries. Sounds easy enough, so he changed Dawson and tipped the toy upside down over the toy box to change the batteries. Then he smelled something and it wasn't pleasant! Several days back when he came home he had complained of something smelling. Couldn't figure out what, and I can't seem to smell much these days so I had no clue either.

Well, the smell got stronger when he opened the battery door, and then he noticed it was wet on the bottom, something was dripping out of it. He looked and there was partially curdled milk in the toy box, all over the toys! EW! So we brought the toy and the toy box into the kitchen, sorted through and washed the dirty toys and then took the toy apart. He started to clean it, but it was sticking on there pretty good and it was looking impossible to get it all off with all the little grooves and corners in it. It had been a couple hours by now and we were so sick of smelling it. We decided to just throw the toy away. I got it for really cheap at Savers anyway, so it wasn't a big loss. Dawson was being a big ham while Daddy cleaned up his toy. It's nice having a camera again!

The toy is the one on the right below the tv.
A few pics of the damage. Be thankful pics don't smell!
The culprit
But he's cute, so we allowed him to stay
Then he noticed the cool red light on the front of the camera and thought it was cool.
After that he started purposely smiling for the camera and being cute.
I have an appointment tomorrow morning, so hopefully I'll get some good news and find out how close baby is to coming!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Officially done with my Kodak!

Well, as predicted, my camera died about 4 hours after charging it. So we went back to Best Buy today. They told me they'd have to send it in again to confirm that it doesn't work before they'd give me a new one. I told them that the last 3 times it's been in they said nothing was wrong, so they'd just do that again. He said he had no other choice, but if it still does it next time, I can talk to the manager. I told him that's what they said last time, and asked to talk to him today. He was at a meeting, so we walked around for 30 minutes. We looked at cameras to see what we'd get if we got one today.

I couldn't stand walking around anymore, I was having tons of contractions, so when we found out it'd be another 30 minutes, we decided to go to McDonald's. Dawson loved that, he had nuggets, some fries and most of my yogurt parfait. He sure does like yogurt, he requests it for almost every meal!

We got back and talked to the manager, he said he has to send it in to Kodak, but considering what we've gone through (the huge ready-to-pop belly probably helped too!), he decided to just give us the price of the camera and he's gonna send the camera to Kodak and deal with it from there. So I got the full $129 credit, and we went and got the camera we'd been looking at. It's a bit more, they don't make many 7 mega pixel cameras anymore, it's mostly 8 and 10 now. We got a Cannon, 10 megapixel. Cost us $69 after we bought the 2 year warranty for $34. So getting a better camera for $30 isn't too bad!

Here's the new camera. It's a Cannon PowerShot A1000ISDan took a pic of everything. Old camera box on the left, new box on the right. New camera in between. They kept the old one. And all the paperwork I got, they gave us 2 papers each time it's been brought in, it was so much that they gave us a folder to keep it all in!

I'm so glad it's all over, I really don't want to see Best Buy again for a very long time! So, we have a camera, now we can have baby. I told him that, so we'll see if he listens. ;)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Got my camera back!

I got my camera back today. They said nothing was wrong, put a new battery in it and sent it back. Because of the new battery, I was able to charge and use it. I guess we'll see if it's still working in the morning. I got some pics, he's looking so big now!

He was curious about the camera, haven't seen one in a while!
Wanting to play with the camera
The bassinet after I set it up. He wasn't sure what to think, but hasn't looked at it since.
Getting more hair! At least he has enough to tell the color now.
He's been really enjoying his baths lately.
I think he'd had enough of the camera! The looks he was giving me were funny!

"I think I'll just have to take that thing away from her!"
"Oh boy, is she ever gonna stop?"
"Mom, seriously!"
Did I mention I missed my camera? hehe I sure hope it keeps working! Blog posts are boring without cute pics! Especially since I'll have twice the cuteness to take pics of pretty soon. :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

38 Week Appointment

Had my appointment yesterday. Everything looks good, I'm dilated to 1cm, but the Dr said I'm not favorable for induction yet because my cervix is still really high. I have another appt next monday, the 16th. He'll re-check then and see if I'm ready.

I got the bassinet and camera from Jenny. I have the bassinet set up, but no sheets on it or anything. It's giving me flashbacks of being up all night! I was happy to be able to go to bed and sleep, even if it was "only" 4 hours.

I took a couple pics of Dawson, it's nice having a camera again, though I'm trying not to use it much so the batteries stay up. My camera just came in, so we plan to go get that this week and see if it actually works this time. I'm not holding my breath though!

He was sleeping in the recliner, then woke up and was gonna get down, but fell asleep again! He looks so big, I can't believe he's 19 months tomorrow!

He's getting more hair! It's funny to see him with messy hair when he gets up. Even though there isn't much to mess up, it's usually sticking up or something, it's cute!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Busy Day and Earlier Bedtime!

Today we went to Dawson's ECFE class. It's going good, but Dawson tends to be more passive and lets kids take his toys. After several times, he cried and came over to me, I felt so bad for him! But he's learning how to deal with other people and share, which is part of the reason why I wanted to go in the first place! He's doing better with not taking toys and he's doing a lot better at snack time. He even signed "more" today, though we couldn't get him to do it again!

After class we went to walmart and then home. He's been very active lately, he hardly stops moving for anything! Even though he seemed to be pretty awake still, I put him to bed at 2am and he went to sleep without a peep! Yay! We moved up a whole hour in less than a week! That's a lot better than I thought we'd be able to do. I'm aiming for 1am by the end of next week.

Weekends we often let him stay up, he knows that when daddy is home, we watch a movie at night, and he can't sleep knowing that's going on. When there's a movie, there's usually snacks, and there's no way he's gonna miss out on that! lol So he often stays up an extra 2-3 hours, but seems to easily get back on track on monday, so that's good.

I'm feeling pretty good. After a busy day like today, I'm usually more sore. I had a couple contractions in walmart, and I was really sore in class, from being on the floor and getting up. It's funny how last time I was going for walks and stuff, trying to get things going, and now that I do get contractions from walking, I try not to! lol Maybe once I get my bassinet and camera back, I'll be more motivated!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Christmas Presents in the Mail

We got Christmas presents in the mail today from the inlaws. Dawson got a stuffed reindeer that sings "Jingle Bells". He's still not sure what to think of it, he ran and hid, but later in the day he wanted it played, then hid and peeked out at it! Dan got an ornament that's a horseshoe with a horse head in the middle. I got a drawing kit, where you scratch off black stuff and there's a horse pic underneath.

We also got a free book from Imagination Library in the mail, "The Little Engine That Could". I read that to him today, he really liked it. Imagination Library gives kids 1 book per month until they are 5.

The other morning I was cuddling with Dawson and out of the blue he started tickling me! He's never done that before, I thought it was so cute! He was thrilled that he could get me back when I tickled him!

I've been feeling pretty good. It's starting to drive me nuts! I feel crappy one day and great the next, so who knows when he'll decide to stop teasing me and come out! 20 days left until my due date! I still don't have the bassinet, Jenny's husband forgot to put it in the car, so he's gonna bring it over sometime this week. I'm excited to set it up!

Still no camera, it was supposed to be here 2 days ago, according to the sheet they gave me. I'm hoping it arrives before baby does!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

37 Week OB Appointment

I saw a different Dr since mine is on vacation. I really like this Dr too, it's nice to have a backup that I like. He said the heartbeat was good. I'm measuring 38 weeks, which isn't surprising. Dawson was too, so it's probably another big baby.

The Dr said my constant back pain is probably from the baby being 'sunny side up', which is when they are laying with the back of their head towards the spine. That's also why I was having the back labor contractions. Never had them before, I definitely prefer the other way! Maybe I'll luck out and he'll spin around before he comes. I've found that getting on my hands and knees really helps get the pressure off my back. I get relief for a while, but then he settles back down against it again. Dawson likes it too, he thinks I'm gonna chase him, but that's not gonna happen! Luckily he's just happy with me growling at him and he thinks he's being chased. lol

The Dr said if I get more contractions I can come in and he'll do an NST (stress test). Right now I'm only getting them when I'm up and walking and doing stuff. Doesn't take much. It's usually not too bad, but if I don't slow down it gets tight enough to make me stop! So I've been taking it easy.

My next appointment is Monday, Feb 9th, my Dr will be back then.

Dawson's Allergist Appointment!

It was a good and bad appt. I hate seeing my little boy get tortured. It really is torture too! They took these round sticks that had a bunch of tiny needles in the end and poked his back in 8 places, making little holes. Then they took each of the allergens and put the liquid on the spots so it soaked into the little holes. Dawson was so scared and upset, he was crying and I had to keep him from itching so they didn't mix.

So we spent 15 minutes pacing the floor and talking to him, he finally settled down for the last few, but freaked out again when the Dr came back in to check him. I wish I would've asked which were for what, a couple were puffing up pretty bad and others did nothing and I was dying to know!

The Dr took notes, wiped it all off him and put anti itch cream stuff on him. He settled down then. He was tested for dairy, beef, eggs, nuts, wheat and some other common ones. Dawson's big issues that we knew about were the dairy, beef, eggs and nuts. Turns out he's still allergic to eggs and nuts. The rest were ok! Yay! I'm very excited about the dairy and beef, it's so hard not to give him those! So we have so many new foods to try now! I'm gonna take it slow though, and let his body get used to them. I think tomorrow we're doing mac n cheese. :)

He'll get retested when he's about 6 years old. He said the eggs and nuts often stay around to adulthood, but if they'll go away, they usually do around age 6 or 7.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

He's being difficult already!

Today has been pretty rough. We ran to Target for some diapers and I kept having mild Braxton Hicks contractions when I walked. After we got home I kept getting a dull pain in my lower back and after a while my whole back hurt and I was sore all over. My stomach was hard as a rock. I drank some water and laid down since sitting at the computer was making my back hurt worse. It kept coming and going. By the time it'd ease up for a while, I'd have to get up to go to the bathroom and the contractions would come back. So this went on for about 8 hours, completely sporatic and it finally stopped shortly after Dawson went to bed at 3:30am. He's been going to bed at 3, but me laying on the couch was upsetting him and he stayed up a bit later. I'm still sore all over still, but I haven't had anything in the last 2 hours, so I'm assuming he's done messing with me now. I'm heading to bed and hoping for a good night's sleep! Who knows how many of those I have left! lol