Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Fun Weekend

Dan and I went out on Friday night, out to supper and rollerskating. It was lots of fun and it was refreshing to get out of the house by ourselves! Dawson stayed at my parent's house and had lots of fun there. It's cool how he recognizes the place now, and even mentioning Grandma's house makes him smile. With his Grandparents, an aunt and 2 uncles, there's no shortage of attention there! He always comes home tired and looking for people to play with!

Saturday was lots of fun too. I got invited to a friend's house in the cities. Kam is a lady from my message board. There were 4 of us there plus another one of her friends who has an 8 month old. It was fun watching the toddlers run around and play together. It went rather well and it was cool seeing all of them sitting around the table for lunch. Dawson and I stayed from 11am until about 5pm. Dan dropped us off there and continued into the cities to his sister's house to work on her van and picked us up when he was done. So Dawson and Kam's son Jacob had lots of fun after the 2 girls left, running around and being little boys. I guess he has all girls at his daycare, he seemed to really enjoy having another boy to play with. Too bad we don't live closer!

Sitting around the table eating lunch. Dawson did great on just a regular chair!

It's so hard getting 4 toddlers and a baby to hold still! This is the best pic we got. Dawson was trying to escape! Left to right is Jacob (17 months), Cassidy (16 months), Reese (17 months), Dawson (16 months), Dylan (Reese's 4 year old brother) and Elisabeth (8 months).

After we left her house we went to Old Chicago with Dan's sister for pizza. Dawson was so tired he slept through it, so it was nice to sit and talk while he slept.

On sunday Dawson was wandering around looking for someone to play with! After 2 days of lots of attention, the poor little guy didn't know what to do!

Dawson has really been picking up his pace lately. He loves to run from one end of the room to the other. Everytime I go to the bathroom he runs down the hallway and into my dark room. Tuesday evening he was doing that and ran into something. He came to me with blood on his hands and face. Once cleaned up I found he had cut his frenulum, the piece of skin between your upper lip and gums. Since the clinic had just closed (go figure), I called the on-call Dr and he said as long as it stops bleeding I don't have to bring him to the ER. It had stopped within 5 minutes or so, so we stayed home. He was pretty fussy today but it didn't bother his eating or anything. He was just more clingy than usual.

His bedtime is going good. We've been able to move his bedtime up to 5:15am so far. Our goal is 10 or 11pm by mid February. I just put him to bed and he barely fussed at all! It's been less and less everynight. :)

His hair is really starting to get longer and thicker! It's still not much, but he's getting there. He's kissing my tummy in the pic.

He really likes laying on my tummy. Every now and then he'll come up to me, lift my shirt a little and poke my belly button! He thinks it's funny that it sticks out now.

The other night it seemed a bit quiet, so I got up to check on Dawson. He had a mild cold and had been playing nicely, but I didn't see him behind me anymore. I got up and didn't make it far before seeing him! He slept so much that day I didn't think he'd be tired for bedtime, but he slept great! He must've slept about 15 hours that day!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dawson's First Walk in the Snow!

It snowed today! It actually stuck too, I'm surprised! Dawson watched the snow falling a bit but wasn't too interested. Tonight I brought him with me to take garbage out so he could walk around in it. He wasn't sure what to think of it. He didn't have any trouble walking on it, it was only a small layer. He walked back and forth, looking at all the tracks. He picked some up but wasn't too impressed with the cold stuff. After about 5 minutes he wanted to go back inside.

Dawson is 16 months old! Wow, how'd that happen?! He's completely off jar foods now and is eating more new things. I just tried Soy again the other day. It's the only milk he can have, but he refused to drink it several weeks ago. Well he loves it now! I'm glad he can have that, though it sure costs a lot! They want $3 to $6 for a half gallon of Soy! It's nuts! A half gallon lasts about 4-5 days but he's drinking more as he gets used to it. He's still nursing too, but mostly in the morning and at night.

As for me, I'm 25 weeks now and I feel huge! I know a girl due a week ahead of me and she's so small still! I must be carrying an elephant or something! ;) Besides that, I'm also starting to retain water, so even though I've only gained 11 pounds so far, I look like I've gained way more! I'm trying to stay off my feet more, but it's kinda hard with a toddler to chase. If I'm on my feet for too long, my feet and calves swell up and hurt. Fun, eh? I have just under 4 months left, but I feel the same as I did at about 8 or 9 months last time! Makes me wonder how much worse it'll get in the next 4 months!

We've been working on cleaning and rearranging some things. Dan moved his computer desk to face a different way and Dawson loves it! We have a gate there so he can't get to his stuff since there's little stuff back there, but he loves being able to walk closer to Dan when he's on the computer. He thinks it's so fun to bring things to Daddy, like toys and things, so he can play with them too! Even when Dan isn't home, Dawson still throws toys over the gate and into his chair and all around it. So he has to dig out toys just to go sit down!

Throwing things over gates is fun, he does it to the kitchen gate all the time too. Since it's getting too hard to bend over all the time to throw the toys back over, I just leave them there. Dawson has now started to throw them back over the other way when he's in the kitchen, so it works out great!

He's teething his 2 lower canines right now, so he's been kinda fussy now and then. These are his last teeth to get in until his 2 year molars. Hopefully he'll get a nice break before those show up!

It was still snowing, but it didn't get to be much more than this

Dawson all ready to take his first walk in the snow

Monday, November 3, 2008

New words and new teeth!

Not a lot new here lately. I did have a 2nd ultrasound, everything looks good. I'm 24 weeks along now. I've been having a lot of ligament and sciatica pain, but otherwise everything is good. Dawson is very interested in my belly, he often peeks under my shirt and pokes my belly button that is now completely popped out! He also rests his head on it a lot. He's already gotten kicked once while laying there!

Dawson has been saying some new words lately. He says "hi" and "baby". He's also starting to put together words. He said "Hi Dad!" the other day, that was really cute! He usually says "Dad" instead of "daddy" or "dada", the same goes with "Mom", though he occasionally says "mama" and "daddy".

He's really starting to slim down and look more like a toddler! He's getting pretty fast on his feet and never crawls anywhere anymore. We even had to go down a diaper size! Yay for cheaper diapers! He seems to be on a growth spurt though, so we'll see how long that lasts. He just outgrew the new shoes I got him last month, so we'll be shopping for more this week!

He's been teething like crazy lately! He now has all 4 of his 1 year molars in, got them all in a month! So now he has 14 teeth. Only 6 more to go and 2 are pretty close already.

Here's Dawson being goofy. He was playing peek a boo

Dawson laughing

He was playing peek around the stove corner

Big cheesy smile! He was being really silly that night