Monday, November 3, 2008

New words and new teeth!

Not a lot new here lately. I did have a 2nd ultrasound, everything looks good. I'm 24 weeks along now. I've been having a lot of ligament and sciatica pain, but otherwise everything is good. Dawson is very interested in my belly, he often peeks under my shirt and pokes my belly button that is now completely popped out! He also rests his head on it a lot. He's already gotten kicked once while laying there!

Dawson has been saying some new words lately. He says "hi" and "baby". He's also starting to put together words. He said "Hi Dad!" the other day, that was really cute! He usually says "Dad" instead of "daddy" or "dada", the same goes with "Mom", though he occasionally says "mama" and "daddy".

He's really starting to slim down and look more like a toddler! He's getting pretty fast on his feet and never crawls anywhere anymore. We even had to go down a diaper size! Yay for cheaper diapers! He seems to be on a growth spurt though, so we'll see how long that lasts. He just outgrew the new shoes I got him last month, so we'll be shopping for more this week!

He's been teething like crazy lately! He now has all 4 of his 1 year molars in, got them all in a month! So now he has 14 teeth. Only 6 more to go and 2 are pretty close already.

Here's Dawson being goofy. He was playing peek a boo

Dawson laughing

He was playing peek around the stove corner

Big cheesy smile! He was being really silly that night

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