Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Night Support Group

There's a mom in our group who always brings her camera and takes pics of the kids. She just sent me all the pics she got of my boys! They definitely have a lot of fun, it's a 2 hour class. They spend an hour in the classroom and then an hour in the gym. We join them for the last 15 minutes of gym time.

Tyler is always super excited to see me come in, he runs over and wants to be picked up
 Swinging net! The boys love this thing
 Dawson loves this circle colors puzzle, he's very good at matching colors now.
 They attempted a family pic.
Hanging out with his favorite assistant, he was having a tough day.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tyler's 2nd Birthday Party

My little boy is 2! This year seemed to go by so fast, seems like he just turned 1! Here he is, getting ready for his bath.
 I'm not sure what to do with his hair, it's very frizzy and curly in the back! Kids on chemo often have curly hair when it grows back. It'll probably straighten out again once it grows more and that first stuff gets cut off.
 He really wasn't sure what to do about the candles, he was mad that I wouldn't just let him dig into the cake. Then he wanted to touch the candles. He's usually good about hot things, but this time he ended up learning the hard way when he pinched the candle out. :(  Poor baby had a little blister on his finger, but after some ice he didn't seem bothered by it.
 I had called Dawson over to help Tyler blow out the candles, but Dawson wasn't blowing hard enough, so I ended up doing it.
 Tyler was happy to move on and get some ice cream. He did it by himself without even making a mess! I was very impressed.
 He wasn't a fan of the cake though, he wanted to eat it, but the chocolate kept getting on his fingers and he doesn't like messy foods. He tried wiping his hands together to get it off, which only smeared it around and made it worse! So we gave up on the cake. Maybe next time.
 Gift table! He did pretty good. :)
 Dawson was very quick to jump in and help out with the gift opening.
 Thankfully I got him to sit to the side and let Tyler do it. Instead he helped out a bit with putting the paper to the side. Tyler was opening a little Leap Frog Counting Train. He really likes trains, so was very interested!
 Word World dvd, he had big smiles for that and loved having new episodes to watch
Books! He likes that the one has a siren button, but he won't look at the actual book since the button is so fun. The other one has flip-out extended pages that make him mad, so to save the book from his tantrums I put it away for now! He just figured out how to turn each page in a regular book, so it was frustrating him to see one that didn't work that way. His OT people are going to re-evaluate him very soon, so it'll be interesting how that turns out. They agreed that he's still delayed in that area, but his fine motor has definitely improved since this summer. His problem-solving skills seem to be more behind though, he tends to get frustrated very easily and takes it out on whatever he's frustrated with. I need to catch up on my development charts, it's been a while since I've done that!
 Rex! Grandma has this toy at her house and he loves it. You squeeze him and he roars, though it's a quite pathetic sounding roar! He brings it to me a lot and wants me to chase him with it.
 Ball popper! Dawson had this toy since he was very little and it was a huge hit. It got so much use that the motor died! It lasted almost 3 years though. They were both very excited to see this and they've played with it so much that it already needed batteries 3 days later!!
 Grandpa is squeeking Rex at him

Little People Construction set. It's like a little ramp, a very simple set with a couple options for where the truck should go. The nice part is, it's easy for them to set up themselves and the 2 platforms become a storage/carrying case for the toy. So this will be a good toy for long clinic visits. :)
 Grandpa got the ball popper all set up! Yay!
Other toys he got were a cash register, which is also a big hit. I wasn't sure if they'd like it or not, but I'm glad I got it! Also a little Rex flashlight. It's the shape of Rex and you squeeze his tail and his mouth opens and has a little flashlight in it. They quickly figured out that this toy is best in the dark, they keep bringing it to the dark bedroom or my closet to play with it.

It's nice having new toys in the house, they've both been very entertained. :)