Sunday, February 13, 2011

Broken Truck and Apartment Searching

Lots going on lately! We've still been working on cleaning, Dan got part of his storage closet cleaned out and arranged more neatly. The toy area has stayed clean so far and we're seeing much less mess!

On Saturday Dan went to go to the cities, but he got about an hour away and the transmission in his truck died! Thankfully he still had 4th gear, so he babied it all the way home. After that he took it to his parent's house and got my car so he could drive that. His dad's truck has a good tranny, so they plan on using that, but to save time we're going to try to just sell the 2 together since his dad wanted his truck gone anyway. Seems like it's always something with the vehicles.

At my support group class on Wednesday I was talking to someone and she asked what part of town I live on. She recognized the apartment and said she used to work for our management company. She asked if we plan on moving to a 3 bedroom and I said no. We have bunk beds and a crib in their room and it's a large room as far as apartments go. She said that it's actually not allowed to have more than 2 people per room and that once the management catches wind of us having 3 kids in a 2 bedroom, they'll tell us we have to move. She thought it had something to do with city building fire codes or something. So I called the city the next day and asked them how many were allowed and they said the law is 4 people in a 2 bedroom and infants do count as a person. I really wasn't expecting that!

So right away I got to looking at apartments and made a list of all the ones that had 3 bedrooms in a certain price range and started calling them. Some weren't available at all, others had income guidelines that we don't meet. They want you to make 3x what rent is, so that limits us to some of them. I also called our management company, but didn't say who I was, and asked if they have any deals on 3 bedrooms or if they would give a deal to someone who's been living there for several years. They said they usually do give deals to current residents and to call on Tuesday to talk to the guy in charge of our place.

On Friday we drove around looking to see where the apartments on my list were and what they looked like. We also found several more to add to the list. So I get to do more calling around tomorrow to ask more specific questions and really narrow down the list before making appts and getting tours. It's kind of exciting looking for a new place, but also stressful having to move under the circumstances. Our lease is up in April and I'm due in April, so I'm not going to be of much help at all with moving! At least we've been cleaning and organizing already, so it will be easier when the time comes.
We went to Culvers tonight and actually ate in, we rarely do that since the boys don't last too long! Dawson liked his grilled cheese, so thankfully we did get to eat somewhat in peace. We stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home and got an ice cream cake as a Valentines treat. I had just mentioned it sounded good and Dan decided to not only go get one, but to go out to eat too! Works for me. :) 

My first task this evening will be gathering up 150 balls. Since the big toybox was empty, I put all the ball pit balls in it and the boys had lots of fun all day, but towards the end of the day they weren't playing in them and only throwing them out, so it's time to put them away again! Was fun though and it kept them well entertained today.

Looking forward to eating my DQ cake!!!

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