Thursday, February 24, 2011

Broken TV

This has been a challenging week. Our schedule was thrown off by President's Day. No school or therapy on Monday, no support group class either. Dawson was begging all day to get his shoes on because he just seemed to know that we should be going somewhere one of these days! Even Tyler was feeling cooped up. He was putting on his hat and showing me.

Tuesday they had OT come over. Tyler was very excited to see her and did everything she asked and acted like he could've played with her all day. Dawson refused to do anything, he'd been irritable most of the day and being pushed to cooperate didn't help at all. She finally gave up since he refused to do anything, it was almost time for her to go anyway. That afternoon he was throwing things around and I didn't see him actually do it, but he also threw something at the TV. I turned it on so he could watch TV and calm down and I see this! Crap. :( 
It's actually worse than that now. Once it goes to any color screen, there are a bunch of horizontal lines as well, plus I think the liquid crystal stuff is running inside it or something because there's now a few sections of those lines below the crack that are just solid color instead of just lines.

Today I called and got an estimate on fixing it.... $2660!!! That's insane, we didn't even pay that much for it to begin with! I looked on Craigslist and found 2, the one happened to be exactly what we have, but a 40 inch instead of a 46. The guy was just downsizing, it had been his bedroom tv and he just wasn't using it. We decided to go for it and I went and picked it up today.

Today went much better. Dawson was happy to go to school and his teacher said he had a good day. Tyler enjoyed OT again today and enjoyed playing by himself and with me without interruption. He was bummed that it was too cold to come to the bus to get Dawson with me though.

We looked at another apartment while Dawson was in school, it was much easier going with just 1 child to worry about! Especially since the manager just showed us around her own apartment since one won't be available until April.

This evening we went to our support group class, that was relaxing and the boys had a lot of fun. I also filled out the 18 pages of forms and stuff for Dawson's Psychology appointment tomorrow. Hopefully that'll go well and we'll learn something. I also need to call about those labs they did at Children's Neurology, I'm sure they're probably back by now.

On a happy note, Dawson still loves helping me in the kitchen, he's quite a little cook. He must do all the stirring and dumping ingredients in himself and he's very careful not to touch the hot pan or the stove.
 Tyler decided he wanted up on the chair too. Wasn't very interested in what Dawson was doing, but apparently the chair was the fun place to be.


kg said...

I think that's awesome that Dawson helps out in the kitchen like that, and that he is aware enough to be careful... I don't let M near the hot stove - he's an impulsive little dude, loves to fling the flour outside of the bowl when we're making pancakes despite my many requests that he NOT do it!!, so I don't know if I could trust him to be safe around the stove. I'm glad you got a good replacement TV so quickly!

kg said...

(Whoops, BTW this is Keisha) :-)

Stephanie said...

There are certain things we do hand-over-hand with, like flour. He does get a bit crazy sometimes, but usually settles down with the reminder to stir gentle. If not, I'll ask him if he's all done stirring and then he says "no no!" and stops goofing around. He really does have a good understanding of "hot" though, which I'm very thankful for!!