Friday, April 24, 2009

Tyler's 2 Month Appointment

Tyler's 2 month appointment was today. He weighed 14 pounds 10 ounces! That's 5 ounces in 3 days! He looks great. The Dr says he has reflux, so he gave us some Zantac to give him twice a day. He said Dawson had it too, but he only had the milk issue. But I'm off milk and he seems more upset than Dawson even was. So hopefully that's what it is and he'll calm down after this stuff kicks in.

My 6 week appointment was today too. They just made them the same day to make it easier. Everything looks good.

On Thursday we went to a garage sale, then to the mall and then to class. The garage sale didn't go so well, Dawson was being impatient so I really didn't get to look at much. Class went ok too. He's still not big on the transition times, but he's a lot better if someone else is holding Tyler and he gets me all to himself. Next time I'll make sure to sign up for a class that offers childcare. They don't in the evenings, unfortunately.

Dawson loves to play with Tyler when he's on the floor, so I laid him down next to him. He thought that was neat laying by him. Tyler seemed to think so too!
This is how we get around at the mall and other places.
Eating at Subway. He likes to eat the bread off my sub, but nothing else!
Doesn't he look so big in his seat already? I wonder how long he'll be in it. Dawson made it to 9 months. The limit is 20lbs, he seems so close already!
Dan took this pic. I was trying to get him to smile. I didn't know he was gonna take a pic of me too!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's so cute to see Dawson and Tyler interacting. Though usually Dawson comes up to him and Tyler recognizes him and cries for me before he gets hurt! I think this is why he learned to roll so soon! I don't see him very motivated to do it unless Dawson is near him! Smart baby!

Tyler is a mommy's boy, though I think all babies are especially when nursing. Dawson is becoming a daddy's boy now though. There are times when he needs me, but daddy is the best. He will not eat breakfast for me anymore. He throws a fit until Dan gets up and makes him toast. I've made him the exact same thing, Dan even showed me just how he does it, but he will only eat it if Daddy gives it to him! Same with the other meals, only not quite as bad. He'll eat more if Dan is around, especially if he's sitting next to him. I told Dan he should just stay home so Dawson doesn't starve himself!

I took the bassinet part off the playpen today. The limit is 15lbs, I figure Tyler is close enough, plus he's getting kinda long for it. So I had him on the floor with his toy that I had in there and Dawson loved it! He sat down right by him and started playing. Poor Tyler was nervous but eventually got used to him being there. Dawson was being pretty wild though, leaning over him, hitting the toys hard. He kept scooting closer too, I thought he was gonna end up sitting on him! I moved him back a few times. Here's some pics I took!

Baby yawn! Playing with my brother is tiring!

We signed another lease for our apartment today. We weren't able to get a 2 year lease, they don't do them anymore because of the economy. Said they can't depend on people and their jobs. That's pretty sad. So we got a 1 year lease, it went up $40 instead of the anticipated $15, so that stinks. But we got an extra deal last time, which they couldn't do again. Dan has been here 4 years this month! Hard to believe it's been that long!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Chunky Monkey is....

14 pounds 5.5 ounces! Wow, he's at the 98th percentile for weight and 50th for length. He's 23 inches long now, up 3 since birth. The WIC appt went well, they were both pretty good.

Spring is here!

It was such a nice weekend! We were busy, but having fun. Dan worked on cleaning out the garage and I worked on cleaning the apartment. We both got a lot done. I met with a family this morning about a babysitting job. Didn't say yet if they are interested, they still have a couple places to check out. At least the house is clean! We also got outside a lot. We played outside a lot on Friday. On Saturday we went in and got tires put on my car. He already had them, so that's less space being taken up in there now. After that we did some shopping and got Dawson a bike helmet. Found one that fit at the 4th store we looked! But it's a cool silver Transformers one. We also grilled burgers for the first time this year!

We also got out my bike and trailer and I went for a ride with the boys. I biked maybe 4-5 miles. Not sure exactly how far it was but my legs were not happy about it! I had Dawson in his seat behind me and Tyler in the trailer. Since he's not big enough to sit in the trailer as is, I strapped him into his infant carrier and strapped that into the trailer. Fits really snug, he slept the whole trip too! Dawson doesn't fit in there with the carrier though, since it needs to be in the middle, using the big lap strap. Good thing I have the seat on the back of my bike! Dawson loved the bike ride. He only cried once, because we got stopped for quite a while at a stoplight!

Tyler is getting bigger and cuter every day! He's been smiling a lot and is starting to coo, so that's really cute. I moved the crib mattress back up and got it all ready for him. I just put a thick blanket in there for now, I'll put sheets in it when I move him into it. He loves the mobile. I put him in there while I'm changing Dawson or going to the bathroom. He stares at it and smiles and gets all excited. I got a video of him smiling while watching the mobile. He only smiled once, it's in the first 12 seconds of the video. I was hoping he'd do it again, but he'd been watching it for a while by the time I got out the camera.

Today it was gloomy out. It was supposed to rain or snow. It did a tiny bit of both, but was mostly just cold and windy. Dawson was wanting to go outside. He had put both shoes on his toes and waiting for me to put them on the rest of the way. So we went to the mall. They were both sleeping when I got there, so I ended up walking 2 miles (it's 1/2 mile each time around). Tyler woke up a couple times during that, so I ended up feeding him and then carrying him in the Bjorn (front pack) for about half of it. That's a lot of extra work, he's getting heavy! Dawson woke up after that, so we played a while before heading home.

I have a busy week ahead. Tomorrow we renew our apartment lease and Tyler has a WIC appointment. Wednesday I have a Moms Club activity in the morning, then I'm visiting my cousin, we haven't seen eachother's babies yet! Thursday I'm going to attempt garage sales with the kids and then we have Dawson's class. Should be fun!

Tyler in his bassinet. He's grown so much in 3 weeks since I took the last bassinet picture!
Tyler sleeping on the boppy on my lap
And that was the end of the Easter Bunny! Not sure why, but I looked over at him and he was sitting on the bunny hat that Vicky gave him. I only saw him put it on his head once, but I guess it looked inviting to sit in!
Tyler in his crib watching his mobile

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tired, Miserable and Annoyed

Easter went well, considering what a busy weekend it was. Friday we got to my parent's house at 9am. Dan worked on the Buick all day while the kids and I went shopping with Mom. Saturday we went to Vicky's house, she had an indoor egg hunt for Dawson. He likes the eggs. Today he took them all apart and stacked them inside each other. Sunday we went to my parent's house again. That was fun, Dawson loved playing with everyone. They thoroughly wore him out!

Saturday night I didn't feel so good. I thought it was allergies from being at Vicky's house since she has pets. But Sunday it became more obvious that I was getting a bad cold. By the end of the day I felt awful. By Monday both kids had it. We all had a fever, and were crabby and tired. It was not a fun day. The only good thing was the kids slept more, so I got in a couple naps with them.

Tuesday I had a WIC appointment to get Tyler's stuff set up. Dan stayed home with Dawson while we went. I waited there for 20 minutes past the appt. time and finally asked the receptionist if she knew how far behind they were. She looked and said I'm not on the schedule! I had rescheduled, they had me down for 8:30am, which doesn't work, so they told me to come at 1:30pm the same day. Turns out they put me down for 1:30pm LAST tuesday! So she told me to call to the lady's office and see if she can get me in. I got voicemail, so I left a message. The receptionist acted like she'd call back right away, so we waited. Finally, 1 hour past our appt time, the receptionist came over and said I should just go home since she's booked solid and won't be able to do it today anyway. Why couldn't she have told me that 40 minutes ago?! So we left, very annoyed. I have an appt for next tuesday now.

Here's some pics. Being that we're sick, we've been sleeping a lot! Dawson has been falling asleep after supper everyday since sunday! It's kinda funny, but nice that he's getting a nap in. He doesn't usually take one anymore.

Dawson sleeping in highchair on Sunday at Grandma's house
Tyler sleeping on couch Sunday night
Monday, Tyler was on the couch sleeping and Dawson wanted to go outside. So Dawson got his jacket and put it over Tyler!
Dawson likes to stack blocks. He decided it's even cooler when the stack spins around on his gear toy!
Tyler on my lap. He was smiling at me, but I couldn't catch it!
Tyler sleeping on Tuesday
Dawson sleeping in highchair on Monday. Notice the piece of fish stick on his shoulder!
Dawson sleeping in highchair on tuesday. I like how his highchair reclines. I just lay him back and he sleeps there!
Both boys sleeping at the same time! I'm not often this lucky, I hardly knew what to do next!

Monday, April 6, 2009

2 Milestones for Tyler

On Friday, April 3rd Tyler rolled over! I put him on the floor on his tummy after changing him. Then I changed Dawson and turned around to pick Tyler up. He was on his back! I couldn't believe it! Dawson rolled at 3 months! He hasn't done it since, but he really doesn't spend much time on the floor in fear of his big brother hurting him.

Also, a few hours ago, Tyler smiled at me! :) It's such a good feeling. He's getting a lot more expressions lately and he's so much more alert!

Me and the boys
Tyler in the Bumbo. We thought it'd be fun to put him in there. Didn't think he'd like it, but he sat in it for 5-10 minutes before wanting out! He seemed to like being able to look around.
Tyler and Dawson

Friday, April 3, 2009

Kids grow too fast!

I can't believe Tyler is 5 weeks already! He's in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes. Jenny came over today and took home the stuff he's outgrown. She stores all my baby/kid clothes for me since she has lots of basement space and I don't have much room here. Sent a very full garbage bag full of baby clothes. He probably only wore 5-7 of the outfits I had, good thing we don't buy them new! I don't feel so bad then, plus they've been through 2 kids now.

Tyler is still spitting up. Not sure why, but it's not every time, so I'm just waiting to see if it gets better. He's been burping better and that seems to help a little. I'm still off dairy and spicy foods.

He's also starting to smile. Today he smiled twice, but not at me, he was looking at his food! I guess that's technically looking at me! No matter how much I talk and coo at him, he won't smile at me yet. Little bugger! He can smile when he poops and eats, but will he smile at the one changing his butt and feeding him? Of course not! lol I just find it funny, it's still cute seeing him smile, no matter what it's about. :)

Dawson will be 21 months next week. I'm gonna have to start thinking about his 2nd birthday party pretty soon! I'm thinking of renting the community room again unless someone else has a better idea. At least this year I'll be feeling good! *knock on wood* I had morning sickness at Dawson's first birthday.

I've been starting to walk more and more lately. I just hope it's done snowing soon so I can walk outside. We're supposed to get more snow on Sunday though. I've been bringing the kids to the mall. Pushing the stroller really makes walking harder. I noticed a huge difference last summer between the jogger and the double when I was watching the other toddler. I actually started to lose weight faster when I started walking with the double! So I've been walking twice around the mall each time. I've gone 3 times this week, plus today I walked around the next door apartment twice, which is 1/2 mile each time around also. I walked while pregnant, so it was easier to get used to this time. I've already lost 28 of the 36 pounds I gained with this pregnancy!

Dan's arm is feeling better. He doesn't hardly notice it anymore he said. Today he's at a junk yard in the cities, getting some parts. My dad gave us his car when he got a new one. He doesn't want the hassle of selling it, so he said we could. I'm hoping it'll sell easily, we're hoping to put the money towards a van or something for us. Then we're gonna sell my car and put that in savings. So lots going on, we're really pushing our luck with the cars though, we already have 1 more than we're allowed to have, so hopefully bringing Dad's car here won't cause issues. I'm thinking of finding somewhere to park one of them just to be safe.

Dan wants to sell his car too, but first he has to make sure the other one is running good so it doesn't give him issues. It's a bummer though, it had a tiny rock chip at the bottom for a really long time, and now suddenly at the end of winter, just after we started talking about selling it, it turned into a crack and spread almost all the way across the windshield! So that brings the value down a lot. I think it's trying to stay, but we need to get rid of it!

First thing he did when he got up! He really likes going places!
Brushing his hair, he's liked to do this for quite a while. He likes brushing my hair too!
Tyler sleeping on the couch
If you're wondering about his socks, yes they are dirty! Hard to get kid's socks clean when they purposely walk in dirt and stuff! No, he's not walking. We had to bag up the first 2 sizes of socks right away, he has such long feet! He's wearing the socks Dawson wore when he was first walking around a year old. Crazy how different they can be! Dawson has short chubby feet and Tyler has long thin feet.

Speaking of feet, Dawson needs new shoes! I think we're gonna go shoe shopping this weekend. I tried twice at the mall, but each time I stepped into the shoe store, Tyler woke up and started having a fit! So I think we'll go when Dan is with to help out.