Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring is here!

It was such a nice weekend! We were busy, but having fun. Dan worked on cleaning out the garage and I worked on cleaning the apartment. We both got a lot done. I met with a family this morning about a babysitting job. Didn't say yet if they are interested, they still have a couple places to check out. At least the house is clean! We also got outside a lot. We played outside a lot on Friday. On Saturday we went in and got tires put on my car. He already had them, so that's less space being taken up in there now. After that we did some shopping and got Dawson a bike helmet. Found one that fit at the 4th store we looked! But it's a cool silver Transformers one. We also grilled burgers for the first time this year!

We also got out my bike and trailer and I went for a ride with the boys. I biked maybe 4-5 miles. Not sure exactly how far it was but my legs were not happy about it! I had Dawson in his seat behind me and Tyler in the trailer. Since he's not big enough to sit in the trailer as is, I strapped him into his infant carrier and strapped that into the trailer. Fits really snug, he slept the whole trip too! Dawson doesn't fit in there with the carrier though, since it needs to be in the middle, using the big lap strap. Good thing I have the seat on the back of my bike! Dawson loved the bike ride. He only cried once, because we got stopped for quite a while at a stoplight!

Tyler is getting bigger and cuter every day! He's been smiling a lot and is starting to coo, so that's really cute. I moved the crib mattress back up and got it all ready for him. I just put a thick blanket in there for now, I'll put sheets in it when I move him into it. He loves the mobile. I put him in there while I'm changing Dawson or going to the bathroom. He stares at it and smiles and gets all excited. I got a video of him smiling while watching the mobile. He only smiled once, it's in the first 12 seconds of the video. I was hoping he'd do it again, but he'd been watching it for a while by the time I got out the camera. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTdj-39qmRg

Today it was gloomy out. It was supposed to rain or snow. It did a tiny bit of both, but was mostly just cold and windy. Dawson was wanting to go outside. He had put both shoes on his toes and waiting for me to put them on the rest of the way. So we went to the mall. They were both sleeping when I got there, so I ended up walking 2 miles (it's 1/2 mile each time around). Tyler woke up a couple times during that, so I ended up feeding him and then carrying him in the Bjorn (front pack) for about half of it. That's a lot of extra work, he's getting heavy! Dawson woke up after that, so we played a while before heading home.

I have a busy week ahead. Tomorrow we renew our apartment lease and Tyler has a WIC appointment. Wednesday I have a Moms Club activity in the morning, then I'm visiting my cousin, we haven't seen eachother's babies yet! Thursday I'm going to attempt garage sales with the kids and then we have Dawson's class. Should be fun!

Tyler in his bassinet. He's grown so much in 3 weeks since I took the last bassinet picture!
Tyler sleeping on the boppy on my lap
And that was the end of the Easter Bunny! Not sure why, but I looked over at him and he was sitting on the bunny hat that Vicky gave him. I only saw him put it on his head once, but I guess it looked inviting to sit in!
Tyler in his crib watching his mobile

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