Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's so cute to see Dawson and Tyler interacting. Though usually Dawson comes up to him and Tyler recognizes him and cries for me before he gets hurt! I think this is why he learned to roll so soon! I don't see him very motivated to do it unless Dawson is near him! Smart baby!

Tyler is a mommy's boy, though I think all babies are especially when nursing. Dawson is becoming a daddy's boy now though. There are times when he needs me, but daddy is the best. He will not eat breakfast for me anymore. He throws a fit until Dan gets up and makes him toast. I've made him the exact same thing, Dan even showed me just how he does it, but he will only eat it if Daddy gives it to him! Same with the other meals, only not quite as bad. He'll eat more if Dan is around, especially if he's sitting next to him. I told Dan he should just stay home so Dawson doesn't starve himself!

I took the bassinet part off the playpen today. The limit is 15lbs, I figure Tyler is close enough, plus he's getting kinda long for it. So I had him on the floor with his toy that I had in there and Dawson loved it! He sat down right by him and started playing. Poor Tyler was nervous but eventually got used to him being there. Dawson was being pretty wild though, leaning over him, hitting the toys hard. He kept scooting closer too, I thought he was gonna end up sitting on him! I moved him back a few times. Here's some pics I took!

Baby yawn! Playing with my brother is tiring!

We signed another lease for our apartment today. We weren't able to get a 2 year lease, they don't do them anymore because of the economy. Said they can't depend on people and their jobs. That's pretty sad. So we got a 1 year lease, it went up $40 instead of the anticipated $15, so that stinks. But we got an extra deal last time, which they couldn't do again. Dan has been here 4 years this month! Hard to believe it's been that long!

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