Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tired, Miserable and Annoyed

Easter went well, considering what a busy weekend it was. Friday we got to my parent's house at 9am. Dan worked on the Buick all day while the kids and I went shopping with Mom. Saturday we went to Vicky's house, she had an indoor egg hunt for Dawson. He likes the eggs. Today he took them all apart and stacked them inside each other. Sunday we went to my parent's house again. That was fun, Dawson loved playing with everyone. They thoroughly wore him out!

Saturday night I didn't feel so good. I thought it was allergies from being at Vicky's house since she has pets. But Sunday it became more obvious that I was getting a bad cold. By the end of the day I felt awful. By Monday both kids had it. We all had a fever, and were crabby and tired. It was not a fun day. The only good thing was the kids slept more, so I got in a couple naps with them.

Tuesday I had a WIC appointment to get Tyler's stuff set up. Dan stayed home with Dawson while we went. I waited there for 20 minutes past the appt. time and finally asked the receptionist if she knew how far behind they were. She looked and said I'm not on the schedule! I had rescheduled, they had me down for 8:30am, which doesn't work, so they told me to come at 1:30pm the same day. Turns out they put me down for 1:30pm LAST tuesday! So she told me to call to the lady's office and see if she can get me in. I got voicemail, so I left a message. The receptionist acted like she'd call back right away, so we waited. Finally, 1 hour past our appt time, the receptionist came over and said I should just go home since she's booked solid and won't be able to do it today anyway. Why couldn't she have told me that 40 minutes ago?! So we left, very annoyed. I have an appt for next tuesday now.

Here's some pics. Being that we're sick, we've been sleeping a lot! Dawson has been falling asleep after supper everyday since sunday! It's kinda funny, but nice that he's getting a nap in. He doesn't usually take one anymore.

Dawson sleeping in highchair on Sunday at Grandma's house
Tyler sleeping on couch Sunday night
Monday, Tyler was on the couch sleeping and Dawson wanted to go outside. So Dawson got his jacket and put it over Tyler!
Dawson likes to stack blocks. He decided it's even cooler when the stack spins around on his gear toy!
Tyler on my lap. He was smiling at me, but I couldn't catch it!
Tyler sleeping on Tuesday
Dawson sleeping in highchair on Monday. Notice the piece of fish stick on his shoulder!
Dawson sleeping in highchair on tuesday. I like how his highchair reclines. I just lay him back and he sleeps there!
Both boys sleeping at the same time! I'm not often this lucky, I hardly knew what to do next!

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The Nicholson Family said...

They are getting so big! LOL at Dawson falling asleep in his highchair, too cute!

I am sorry about the WIC appointment, how aggravating! Don't they call to inform you the day before? Ours does.

Tyler is getting so big! He's adorable too.