Friday, April 3, 2009

Kids grow too fast!

I can't believe Tyler is 5 weeks already! He's in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes. Jenny came over today and took home the stuff he's outgrown. She stores all my baby/kid clothes for me since she has lots of basement space and I don't have much room here. Sent a very full garbage bag full of baby clothes. He probably only wore 5-7 of the outfits I had, good thing we don't buy them new! I don't feel so bad then, plus they've been through 2 kids now.

Tyler is still spitting up. Not sure why, but it's not every time, so I'm just waiting to see if it gets better. He's been burping better and that seems to help a little. I'm still off dairy and spicy foods.

He's also starting to smile. Today he smiled twice, but not at me, he was looking at his food! I guess that's technically looking at me! No matter how much I talk and coo at him, he won't smile at me yet. Little bugger! He can smile when he poops and eats, but will he smile at the one changing his butt and feeding him? Of course not! lol I just find it funny, it's still cute seeing him smile, no matter what it's about. :)

Dawson will be 21 months next week. I'm gonna have to start thinking about his 2nd birthday party pretty soon! I'm thinking of renting the community room again unless someone else has a better idea. At least this year I'll be feeling good! *knock on wood* I had morning sickness at Dawson's first birthday.

I've been starting to walk more and more lately. I just hope it's done snowing soon so I can walk outside. We're supposed to get more snow on Sunday though. I've been bringing the kids to the mall. Pushing the stroller really makes walking harder. I noticed a huge difference last summer between the jogger and the double when I was watching the other toddler. I actually started to lose weight faster when I started walking with the double! So I've been walking twice around the mall each time. I've gone 3 times this week, plus today I walked around the next door apartment twice, which is 1/2 mile each time around also. I walked while pregnant, so it was easier to get used to this time. I've already lost 28 of the 36 pounds I gained with this pregnancy!

Dan's arm is feeling better. He doesn't hardly notice it anymore he said. Today he's at a junk yard in the cities, getting some parts. My dad gave us his car when he got a new one. He doesn't want the hassle of selling it, so he said we could. I'm hoping it'll sell easily, we're hoping to put the money towards a van or something for us. Then we're gonna sell my car and put that in savings. So lots going on, we're really pushing our luck with the cars though, we already have 1 more than we're allowed to have, so hopefully bringing Dad's car here won't cause issues. I'm thinking of finding somewhere to park one of them just to be safe.

Dan wants to sell his car too, but first he has to make sure the other one is running good so it doesn't give him issues. It's a bummer though, it had a tiny rock chip at the bottom for a really long time, and now suddenly at the end of winter, just after we started talking about selling it, it turned into a crack and spread almost all the way across the windshield! So that brings the value down a lot. I think it's trying to stay, but we need to get rid of it!

First thing he did when he got up! He really likes going places!
Brushing his hair, he's liked to do this for quite a while. He likes brushing my hair too!
Tyler sleeping on the couch
If you're wondering about his socks, yes they are dirty! Hard to get kid's socks clean when they purposely walk in dirt and stuff! No, he's not walking. We had to bag up the first 2 sizes of socks right away, he has such long feet! He's wearing the socks Dawson wore when he was first walking around a year old. Crazy how different they can be! Dawson has short chubby feet and Tyler has long thin feet.

Speaking of feet, Dawson needs new shoes! I think we're gonna go shoe shopping this weekend. I tried twice at the mall, but each time I stepped into the shoe store, Tyler woke up and started having a fit! So I think we'll go when Dan is with to help out.

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