Monday, March 30, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

We've been feeling rather cooped up lately. We did do some shopping this weekend and went to my parent's house on Sunday, but for the most part we've been inside a lot. It's too cold to go out and play but it's starting to look nice. We're still supposed to get some snow, it's on the forecast for this week! :( So we've all been a bit cooped up but we're hanging in there. Got some cute pics of the boys though!

Dawson on the couch after bugging Tyler
Dawson checking out Tyler while he sleeps
Dawson being tickled after I moved him away from Tyler
Smiling for the camera
Tyler in his bassinet. He looks so big!
Not a lot of room left! He'll probably be switched to his crib at 2 months like Dawson was.
Tummy time on my bed. He's starting to like being on his tummy more.
Hair! It's still weird to have to deal with hair. I actually have to comb it sometimes! I still don't have to comb Dawson's hair!

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Mom said...

seriously...could I have cuter grandsons?