Friday, March 6, 2009

Tyler is 1 Week Old

Can't believe it's been a week already! Today was kinda stressful. Dawson has a bad cough, fever and slight runny nose. He was whiny and clingy all day. He just wanted to watch movies, so I made a comfy spot for him on the couch and he sat back and ate cheerios while he watched his movie. After that he was feeling better and all he wanted was to go run in the apartment hallway. We got the mail, but he wasn't happy about coming back so soon. He kept wanting to cuddle too, but it seemed like every time he'd get in my lap and get comfy, Tyler would wake up and start crying. It was sad to have to put him down and look at his sad miserable face. I really hope he feels better tomorrow. I have the humidifier in his room again tonight.

Tyler has been good all day. Seems to have his days and nights mixed up. He slept for a 4 hour stretch this afternoon. He still sleeps for a couple hours at a time at night, but I'm pretty tired. Sometimes it's hard to get back to sleep after changing him, his clothes and whatever he was sleeping on, then feeding him, changing him again... It's a never ending process! I'm just very happy that we haven't woken up Dawson at night yet. He still goes to sleep very well and sleeps all night. I was afraid he'd start being harder to put to bed and waking up.

I was more sore today. I had a headache all day and I went 4 hours past when I was supposed to take my Ibuprofen last night, so I woke up in a lot of pain. Dan got it for me and I felt better once it kicked in. Then when Dan was outside I lifted Dawson onto the changing table and my stomach muscles have been sore since. It's getting better, I'll just have to change him on the floor for a while. Dan has pretty much done all of Dawson's diapers since I had Tyler, it's been nice. Suddenly Dawson feels so big and heavy!

Dawson kept running from the camera today, don't blame him since he doesn't feel good!

Sleepy baby

Waking up and stretching
Laying on my lap being cute
Cute little tongue. He was making all sorts of funny faces after he woke up.
Dawson playing under my computer desk

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