Friday, April 24, 2009

Tyler's 2 Month Appointment

Tyler's 2 month appointment was today. He weighed 14 pounds 10 ounces! That's 5 ounces in 3 days! He looks great. The Dr says he has reflux, so he gave us some Zantac to give him twice a day. He said Dawson had it too, but he only had the milk issue. But I'm off milk and he seems more upset than Dawson even was. So hopefully that's what it is and he'll calm down after this stuff kicks in.

My 6 week appointment was today too. They just made them the same day to make it easier. Everything looks good.

On Thursday we went to a garage sale, then to the mall and then to class. The garage sale didn't go so well, Dawson was being impatient so I really didn't get to look at much. Class went ok too. He's still not big on the transition times, but he's a lot better if someone else is holding Tyler and he gets me all to himself. Next time I'll make sure to sign up for a class that offers childcare. They don't in the evenings, unfortunately.

Dawson loves to play with Tyler when he's on the floor, so I laid him down next to him. He thought that was neat laying by him. Tyler seemed to think so too!
This is how we get around at the mall and other places.
Eating at Subway. He likes to eat the bread off my sub, but nothing else!
Doesn't he look so big in his seat already? I wonder how long he'll be in it. Dawson made it to 9 months. The limit is 20lbs, he seems so close already!
Dan took this pic. I was trying to get him to smile. I didn't know he was gonna take a pic of me too!

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