Monday, February 16, 2009

A Smelly Valentine's Day

We had no plans other than the usual weekend stuff. Dan had just taken a shower and was headed to his computer, when I asked him for 2 favors. Dawson needed a diaper and one of his favorite toys needed batteries. Sounds easy enough, so he changed Dawson and tipped the toy upside down over the toy box to change the batteries. Then he smelled something and it wasn't pleasant! Several days back when he came home he had complained of something smelling. Couldn't figure out what, and I can't seem to smell much these days so I had no clue either.

Well, the smell got stronger when he opened the battery door, and then he noticed it was wet on the bottom, something was dripping out of it. He looked and there was partially curdled milk in the toy box, all over the toys! EW! So we brought the toy and the toy box into the kitchen, sorted through and washed the dirty toys and then took the toy apart. He started to clean it, but it was sticking on there pretty good and it was looking impossible to get it all off with all the little grooves and corners in it. It had been a couple hours by now and we were so sick of smelling it. We decided to just throw the toy away. I got it for really cheap at Savers anyway, so it wasn't a big loss. Dawson was being a big ham while Daddy cleaned up his toy. It's nice having a camera again!

The toy is the one on the right below the tv.
A few pics of the damage. Be thankful pics don't smell!
The culprit
But he's cute, so we allowed him to stay
Then he noticed the cool red light on the front of the camera and thought it was cool.
After that he started purposely smiling for the camera and being cute.
I have an appointment tomorrow morning, so hopefully I'll get some good news and find out how close baby is to coming!

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