Friday, February 13, 2009

Officially done with my Kodak!

Well, as predicted, my camera died about 4 hours after charging it. So we went back to Best Buy today. They told me they'd have to send it in again to confirm that it doesn't work before they'd give me a new one. I told them that the last 3 times it's been in they said nothing was wrong, so they'd just do that again. He said he had no other choice, but if it still does it next time, I can talk to the manager. I told him that's what they said last time, and asked to talk to him today. He was at a meeting, so we walked around for 30 minutes. We looked at cameras to see what we'd get if we got one today.

I couldn't stand walking around anymore, I was having tons of contractions, so when we found out it'd be another 30 minutes, we decided to go to McDonald's. Dawson loved that, he had nuggets, some fries and most of my yogurt parfait. He sure does like yogurt, he requests it for almost every meal!

We got back and talked to the manager, he said he has to send it in to Kodak, but considering what we've gone through (the huge ready-to-pop belly probably helped too!), he decided to just give us the price of the camera and he's gonna send the camera to Kodak and deal with it from there. So I got the full $129 credit, and we went and got the camera we'd been looking at. It's a bit more, they don't make many 7 mega pixel cameras anymore, it's mostly 8 and 10 now. We got a Cannon, 10 megapixel. Cost us $69 after we bought the 2 year warranty for $34. So getting a better camera for $30 isn't too bad!

Here's the new camera. It's a Cannon PowerShot A1000ISDan took a pic of everything. Old camera box on the left, new box on the right. New camera in between. They kept the old one. And all the paperwork I got, they gave us 2 papers each time it's been brought in, it was so much that they gave us a folder to keep it all in!

I'm so glad it's all over, I really don't want to see Best Buy again for a very long time! So, we have a camera, now we can have baby. I told him that, so we'll see if he listens. ;)

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