Tuesday, February 3, 2009

37 Week OB Appointment

I saw a different Dr since mine is on vacation. I really like this Dr too, it's nice to have a backup that I like. He said the heartbeat was good. I'm measuring 38 weeks, which isn't surprising. Dawson was too, so it's probably another big baby.

The Dr said my constant back pain is probably from the baby being 'sunny side up', which is when they are laying with the back of their head towards the spine. That's also why I was having the back labor contractions. Never had them before, I definitely prefer the other way! Maybe I'll luck out and he'll spin around before he comes. I've found that getting on my hands and knees really helps get the pressure off my back. I get relief for a while, but then he settles back down against it again. Dawson likes it too, he thinks I'm gonna chase him, but that's not gonna happen! Luckily he's just happy with me growling at him and he thinks he's being chased. lol

The Dr said if I get more contractions I can come in and he'll do an NST (stress test). Right now I'm only getting them when I'm up and walking and doing stuff. Doesn't take much. It's usually not too bad, but if I don't slow down it gets tight enough to make me stop! So I've been taking it easy.

My next appointment is Monday, Feb 9th, my Dr will be back then.

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