Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Second 39 Week Appointment

Had my appointment today. Dr says there's still no progress, so I have to come back on Monday for another appointment. That was the day he was hoping to induce. This time he says he'll induce on Friday, 2 days overdue.

If I've made any progress on Monday morning, I'll go in Friday morning for an induction. If I haven't made any progress, I'll go in Thursday night for cervadil. That helps dilate and thin things out so the induction has a better chance of being successful. We did it that way for Dawson and just the cervadil alone sent me into labor. So hopefully I'll have the same experience this time.

So that means I only have 1 more week at most! Yay! Nice to have an end in sight! It still hasn't really hit me yet though!

I feel bad for Dawson, he's really having a hard time. He's getting his 2 year molars in and he's not wanting to eat much. He has a fever too. Now tonight he's had a runny nose and he's sounding more plugged up as the night goes on. I hope he sleeps ok. I can't wait for cold season to be over! Probably picked something up from shopping. Last week it was from class, but it started too soon after class to be the cause this time. Now I'm feeling a tickle in my throat and I'm starting to get sniffles. I really hope it doesn't get much worse, I really don't need a bad cold this week!

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