Thursday, February 12, 2009

Got my camera back!

I got my camera back today. They said nothing was wrong, put a new battery in it and sent it back. Because of the new battery, I was able to charge and use it. I guess we'll see if it's still working in the morning. I got some pics, he's looking so big now!

He was curious about the camera, haven't seen one in a while!
Wanting to play with the camera
The bassinet after I set it up. He wasn't sure what to think, but hasn't looked at it since.
Getting more hair! At least he has enough to tell the color now.
He's been really enjoying his baths lately.
I think he'd had enough of the camera! The looks he was giving me were funny!

"I think I'll just have to take that thing away from her!"
"Oh boy, is she ever gonna stop?"
"Mom, seriously!"
Did I mention I missed my camera? hehe I sure hope it keeps working! Blog posts are boring without cute pics! Especially since I'll have twice the cuteness to take pics of pretty soon. :)

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