Tuesday, February 10, 2009

38 Week Appointment

Had my appointment yesterday. Everything looks good, I'm dilated to 1cm, but the Dr said I'm not favorable for induction yet because my cervix is still really high. I have another appt next monday, the 16th. He'll re-check then and see if I'm ready.

I got the bassinet and camera from Jenny. I have the bassinet set up, but no sheets on it or anything. It's giving me flashbacks of being up all night! I was happy to be able to go to bed and sleep, even if it was "only" 4 hours.

I took a couple pics of Dawson, it's nice having a camera again, though I'm trying not to use it much so the batteries stay up. My camera just came in, so we plan to go get that this week and see if it actually works this time. I'm not holding my breath though!

He was sleeping in the recliner, then woke up and was gonna get down, but fell asleep again! He looks so big, I can't believe he's 19 months tomorrow!

He's getting more hair! It's funny to see him with messy hair when he gets up. Even though there isn't much to mess up, it's usually sticking up or something, it's cute!

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