Friday, February 6, 2009

Busy Day and Earlier Bedtime!

Today we went to Dawson's ECFE class. It's going good, but Dawson tends to be more passive and lets kids take his toys. After several times, he cried and came over to me, I felt so bad for him! But he's learning how to deal with other people and share, which is part of the reason why I wanted to go in the first place! He's doing better with not taking toys and he's doing a lot better at snack time. He even signed "more" today, though we couldn't get him to do it again!

After class we went to walmart and then home. He's been very active lately, he hardly stops moving for anything! Even though he seemed to be pretty awake still, I put him to bed at 2am and he went to sleep without a peep! Yay! We moved up a whole hour in less than a week! That's a lot better than I thought we'd be able to do. I'm aiming for 1am by the end of next week.

Weekends we often let him stay up, he knows that when daddy is home, we watch a movie at night, and he can't sleep knowing that's going on. When there's a movie, there's usually snacks, and there's no way he's gonna miss out on that! lol So he often stays up an extra 2-3 hours, but seems to easily get back on track on monday, so that's good.

I'm feeling pretty good. After a busy day like today, I'm usually more sore. I had a couple contractions in walmart, and I was really sore in class, from being on the floor and getting up. It's funny how last time I was going for walks and stuff, trying to get things going, and now that I do get contractions from walking, I try not to! lol Maybe once I get my bassinet and camera back, I'll be more motivated!

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Grandma said...

We appreicate your moving his bedtime to something we can handle :) Very excited for the whole thing to happen.