Thursday, February 5, 2009

Christmas Presents in the Mail

We got Christmas presents in the mail today from the inlaws. Dawson got a stuffed reindeer that sings "Jingle Bells". He's still not sure what to think of it, he ran and hid, but later in the day he wanted it played, then hid and peeked out at it! Dan got an ornament that's a horseshoe with a horse head in the middle. I got a drawing kit, where you scratch off black stuff and there's a horse pic underneath.

We also got a free book from Imagination Library in the mail, "The Little Engine That Could". I read that to him today, he really liked it. Imagination Library gives kids 1 book per month until they are 5.

The other morning I was cuddling with Dawson and out of the blue he started tickling me! He's never done that before, I thought it was so cute! He was thrilled that he could get me back when I tickled him!

I've been feeling pretty good. It's starting to drive me nuts! I feel crappy one day and great the next, so who knows when he'll decide to stop teasing me and come out! 20 days left until my due date! I still don't have the bassinet, Jenny's husband forgot to put it in the car, so he's gonna bring it over sometime this week. I'm excited to set it up!

Still no camera, it was supposed to be here 2 days ago, according to the sheet they gave me. I'm hoping it arrives before baby does!

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