Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well, I met with that lady (Becky). She's really nice and her daughter is SO cute! We talked a while and asked questions and she said she thinks this is the best choice for her daughter, so I got the job! Yay! She's currently in a daycare center and just doesn't get the attention she deserves there. Plus all the illnesses that go around centers are never fun either. I'm so excited! She starts on Monday the 19th. I got a booster seat with a tray so it's not in the way like a 2nd highchair would be, but I can feed them both at once now. That's about all I needed. I'm also getting a double stroller. I found one for free, now I just have to arrange a time to go get it. :)

Dawson was being so cute last night! Here's a couple pics of him. I saved the box the stroller came in for him to play with and I just set it up last night. He had a lot of fun crawling through it.

He was bored while I was washing dishes, so I gave him this to play with. He thought it was cool and played with it the entire time I cleaned the kitchen and then some!

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