Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fun Day, Bad News

Yesterday I went to the mall play area with both kids, it was a ton of fun. They both really enjoyed it. They are so cute in the double stroller, Laura sits in back and leans forward to play with Dawson's head. They are both such good babies, I never had any trouble while we were out. We go for a walk everyday and if we have time I let them play on the ground. It's their favorite part of the day, they are always going up to the patio door and looking at me, wondering if they get to go out yet!

Last night I took Dawson for a bike ride. I have a child seat on the back now and he enjoys that too. It was really nice out so I decided to go further. I ended up going all the way out to the stable where I rode up until I got pregnant. He was happy to see me and Dawson enjoyed petting the horses. The bad news is, my favorite horse has gone lame, so I won't be able to ride him anymore. :( I'm really bummed, I did a lot of work with him. Being that I was the only one able to ride him, he got left in his stall or in the small barn arena the whole time. He can't be caught in a pasture, he's an ex-racehorse and still knows it! haha

Here's Dawson and Laura in the double stroller after our first walk. It was so hard getting them to look at the same time!
Here's Laura on her 2nd day here. Isn't she so cute?! She was still pretty shy that morning. I was making all sorts of goofy faces and she was just looking at me like I'm a crazy person. Maybe she's onto something! haha

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