Friday, May 2, 2008

Food Allergy!

Last night was a LONG night! Dawson is allergic to milk, so I don't have any until after he goes to bed, since he's still nursing. Well, last night he woke up after I had some ice cream, so he spit up after I fed him! :( Then he was still hungry, so I decided to just feed him baby food. I got out some 3rd foods, a Turkey, Rice and Carrots meal in a jar, and fed him half of that.

Well that didn't work out so good either! He started itching his face, and pushing the spoon away. Then he got a rash around his mouth, and up to his eye where he'd been itching. I also noticed it went down below his chin a little. I cleaned him up and put him down to play. I'd noticed that rash before, but didn't think much of it. I thought it was from the rag, because our city water is really hard.

While cleaning up his food, I heard him cough a couple times, and when he went to breath in again, he was kinda gasping for air. So I held him a while and listened to him. His breathing was fine, it only bothered him when he coughed. He coughed again a little while later and it was a tiny bit better, so I decided to wait and see if it got better. He played happily for about an hour, and was even giggling some, so he didn't seem to be having much trouble. After about 2 hours the rash was totally gone and his breathing was fine. He'd fallen asleep on me, so I just put him to bed.

I looked at the contents of the jar, and there was a lot of stuff in it, I was surprised. Onion powder, skim milk powder, tomatoes, carrots, rice, turkey, turkey gravy and a couple other things. So who knows if it was the turkey or something else, like the onions or tomatoes. I've never heard of turkey causing allergy problems before! I guess I'll have to eliminate some of them. I have some plain turkey in a jar, so I'll start with that. Probably not anytime soon though! Not much else I can do, I'm not about to feed him straight onion powder! haha

I guess I'll be reading the contents before buying baby food from now on!

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Anne said...

If your son is allergic to milk, you will have to eliminate all dairy from your diet while you are breastfeeding. A dairy allergy is a reaction of the immune system to the protein in the milk. When you ingest dairy, the protein will pass through your breastmilk and give him an allergic reaction. So unfortunately, you will have to give up dairy for a while!

As for the baby food, skim milk powder is dairy. Your baby was probably reacting to this ingredient. There are many terms used in labels to indicate dairy. If you are interested in a list, go to and click on the Allergen Page on the green navigational bar. Then click on "how to navigate food labels". They have a complete list of terms to watch out for used to define dairy. And yes, it is in many many baby foods. Even powdered baby cereal!

My daughter is allergic to milk and I had to cut out dairy (amongst other foods) while breastfeeding. The results were well worth the effort.

As for your son's reaction (some difficulty breathing), I would be very concerned and talk to your pediatrician and allergist about this. It might be a sign of a severe allergy. You may need to have an epi-pen prescribed to you in case his reactions get worse.

Good Luck!