Friday, May 8, 2009

Busy Week

We've had a busy week! Saturday we helped Dan's sister move. Dawson went to my friend Kam's house for the day. He and Jacob had a lot of fun! On monday we went to a police K-9 demonstration. That was interesting. Tuesday we went to Taco Johns with a couple other Moms Club ladies. I've never been there before, I still prefer Taco Bell though. On wednesday Dan's sister came over to get some stuff that we ended up taking home by accident after her move on saturday. Then thursday we went to a Moms Club picnic and then to ECFE class. We only have 1 class left for the school year. He did great, he's really improved a lot in the last couple weeks.

Got this new mobile at Once Upon A Child the other day. It's battery operated, so I don't have to crank it every 30 seconds! Both boys really like it.
Dawson giving Tyler a kiss
Dawson and Tyler. I think Tyler looks so big here!
Tyler smile!
Tyler sleeping on the couch. He likes to sleep there in the evenings.
Tyler in the exersaucer. He likes being upright and able to look around.
Dawson on the playground at our apartment
Tyler was smiling and cooing at me
Holding his head up, he's getting so strong!
Trying to roll over

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