Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 Things Dawson Likes

I just have some random pics today. Not as much going on lately. Though in Walmart today I sure could've used Tyler's pacifier, but Dawson had once again taken it out of the diaper bag! I don't use it much, but it helps get us by those times where we have to wait until I can feed him. Dawson thinks it's funny to chew on it!
Here he is on his favorite toy in the mall. It's one of those cars you put quarters in, but we don't do that. He's just as happy to spin the steering wheel and sit in it. Just fine with me!
He hasn't been attached to anything before, but this moose is the closest. He got it free from someone at the State Fair last year because some lady thought he was cute. He's been laying on it and carrying it around off and on ever since. The other day he put it in front of his crib, so I put it in there. Now he sleeps cuddled up to it. So cute!

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