Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cloth Diapers

A couple weeks ago I decided to try cloth diapers. So I bought some prefolds, got them all washed and "hung" to dry on my indoor clothesline aka my playard gate opened into a zigzag.
It's going great with Tyler, but Dawson kept getting bad rashes every time he wore one. So I stopped putting them on Dawson and just had Tyler wear them. I still did disposables while out and about. Here's a pic of Dawson wearing one. This is the only colored plastic pant I have, the rest are white. These paid for themselves within a week! It's nice knowing that everytime I use one, I'm saving 20 cents. That adds up pretty fast!
In search of a good deal on some more prefolds and mostly plastic pants since the store ones are just awful these days (they crinkle like grocery bags!!), I posted a want-ad on Craigslist for cloth diapers and supplies. I got a reply from a lady trying to get rid of her BumGenius diapers. Those are the "new age", top of the line diapers. They have velcro tabs just like a disposable and they are one size fits all. The legs and body of the diaper are adjustable by snaps. So I asked her how much she wanted for them and she said these were barely used at all and she only wanted less than half what they are new! I've never seen them that cheap, and I've looked around for them at a lot of used diaper websites.
So I told her I'd take them, all but the pink. I just can't put my boys in pink! I picked them up today, they are as nice as she said they are, they look brand new! Not a stain in any of them. I have a couple blue and orange like you see in the pics, and also some lighter orange, medium green, light green, light blue, yellow and white. They have microfiber inserts that you put inside the diapers, so the pee goes through the diaper, onto the insert and keeps baby pretty dry. Dawson isn't bothered at all! I felt the diaper and it felt almost dry, but the insert was soaked! I'm impressed. :)
I'm gonna try to keep doing the prefolds with Tyler since I only have 18 of these. I'm gonna use these for Dawson at home and both of them while we're out and about. So hopefully I won't have to buy any more diapers. I have twice as many inserts, so it's not a big deal I'm hoping these don't take too long to dry. if those don't dry really fast. I think the diapers will dry pretty quick though. I'm handwashing to save on the cost of laundry. It's $3 per load here, which makes it a big hassle and still would cost me a lot of $$ for diapers. I do wash all the poop diapers in the machine though. I do them quick by hand so they don't stain, then put them in the laundry. Here's some pics.
Hard to believe that's the same size diaper!

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