Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mom's Night Out

Tonight we went to LaCasita for supper with my Mom's Club. It's supposed to be mom's night out, but since Dan isn't home at 6pm, I just bring the kids. There was one other baby there too. They were very well behaved considering we were thee for 90 minutes. We were the first to leave, Dawson lost his patience and quickly let it be known to everyone in the place. But it was fun and everyone commented on how good he was being the whole time.

I spoke too soon about Tyler's reflux being better. He spit up all over him and the jumperoo last night. Though he was going pretty crazy in it and he'd eaten not long before that. I should've waited a while before putting him in it. But he usually doesn't go so crazy bouncing, he just sits there. He's discovering what it's really meant for! Here he is in the jumperoo. It's one of his favorite things.
The boys watching some Baby Einstein while I get stuff done. Tyler never used to like being on the floor at all but recently he's been tolerating it pretty well. Especially if there's a movie going or toys to look at. He's been taking interest in more stuff lately.
Dawson saw me with the camera and kissed Tyler. Camera clicked a bit late though. He's more interested in Tyler lately, and he's still pretty gentle with him. Yesterday I came in the room to see him leaning over Tyler, poking at his cheeks and Tyler was grinning at him. It was so cute!
Tyler laying on the floor. I think he looks more like Dawson in this pic.
Here's Tyler in the Bumbo seat. There's a thread on Tyler's message board about Bumbo pics. All those babies are so little, their legs are only about half the size of the leg holes! I about had to stuff him into it just to get a pic. His thighs are so big, he really doesn't fit it anymore. So I think this is the last of the Bumbo seat, unless he starts running sometime soon!

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