Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Carseat

Tyler was getting scrunched in his infant carrier. It was getting tight around the shoulders and his weight is getting up there too. I weighed him last night and was 18lbs. The carseat goes to 22 pounds and 26 inches. So I found a Graco SafeSeat on Craigslist. It goes to 30 pounds and 32 inches. It's a lot more roomy and gets bigger around the shoulders as baby grows. He used to cry when I put him in his seat. I thought he just didn't like being strapped in. The first time I put him in the new seat he was smiley the whole time! Despite it being bigger and longer, it doesn't take up any more room in my car than the old one. I thought for sure it would, the new base is a good 3 inches longer than the old one, but it sits on the base differently. The old one hung over the back of the base more than this one does.

Old seat
New seat
Dawson still fits the weight of the new seat but is 2 inches too tall. He fits comfortably, he just wasn't thrilled at being put in the carrier!
I got a free double stroller off Freecycle the other day. It was really old and the fabric was ripped up, it'd been in the garage for a while. But we needed a new axle and wheels for the double stroller I'd bought off Craigslist last summer, so I took it home and Dan used the good parts to fix this one. Dawson loves sitting in the back, it sits up higher than the front and it's big and comfy. We use this one for walks and stuff but I think it'll be better for crowds than my side by side one. So we'll take this one to the zoo and stuff like that I think.

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