Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dawson's WIC Appt & Tyler Update

Dawson got measured at WIC today. He was 29 pounds and 34 inches. They said his height is on a very steady line and his weight had a big jump this time. I think it's because he's been eating dairy since last time we were in, that makes a huge difference. He loves his yogurt!
I couldn't get him to hold still for a pic, but here he is on my lap.
Tyler is doing good. I haven't given him his Zantac in about 4 days now. I had cut back to just once a day and he was doing good. Then after a week or 2 I just started giving it to him if he started having problems. So hopefully this is the end of his reflux issues. They say it often goes away around 4-5 months.
He's really getting into his toys lately. He loves his jumperoo. He was going crazy in it last night. It's fun to see him get excited about doing stuff. He's been playing with his toy bar more lately too. He reaches for things a lot more and has a lot more control over his movements. He fell asleep in his exersaucer last night! Just had to get a pic.

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