Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Day and Dawson Pics

It was nice out so we played outside for a few hours. Dawson loves being outside and didn't want to come in. The boys were pretty fussy today. Tyler because his tummy was bothering him and Dawson because I was paying more attention to Tyler! I made an appointment for Tyler on friday morning to get his weight checked so we can up his dose of Zantac. Hopefully that'll help a lot. He also seems to be teething, so I'm sure part of his fussiness is from that. I got a bunch of cute pics today! Here's Dawson's pics.

Being cute, trying to get me to chase him
Being cuddly while Tyler naps
Being goofy after his nap
Eating pop ice after being outside. It was pretty warm today!
Splashing in the bath
His hair is starting to grow in more
He leaned down to taste the bubbles and got a goatee! Didn't like the bubbles either!
Stood his hair up. Not much is long yet, just a section on the top.
Having a snack (cereal) before bed while watching his movie to wind down.

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