Friday, May 15, 2009

Tyler News

I canceled the Dr appointment. Since the Dr said I could just call and tell him what Tyler weighs, I decided to just get a digital scale (wanted one anyway) and weigh him. So I stepped on the scale, which hasn't moved for me in 5 weeks now! I guess nowhere is better than up, but still! Then I brought Tyler on with me and figured out the difference. He's 16 lbs 12 oz! No wonder the Zantac isn't working well for him anymore, he's 2lbs more than he used to be! So I'm gonna call and have his dose upped tomorrow.

Tyler is teething! Tonight I can see 2 white spots on the middle lower gums. One is closer than the other. I'm guessing he'll have his first tooth by the end of the month from the looks of it! Could be part of why he's been so fussy lately. He's also very cute! Here's some pics I took the other day.

My favorite pic of the day!
Smiling and cooing
He got really hot so he was cooling off on a blanket without his sleeper
Swaddled after his bath

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Jodi said...

I see a lot of Dawson in him in those last two shots - so cute! Hope his tummy troubles get fixed soon :)