Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dawson is gonna be a Big Brother!

At the end of June we found out that I'm pregnant! I'm 3 months along today and everything is going pretty good! We got an ultrasound done on July 23rd, where I found out I'm a week ahead of what I thought! So my due date is February 25th, but I'm convinced it'll be a March baby since there's only 3 days after my due date until March! Nothing is set in stone yet, but we're leaning towards not finding out the gender with this one. I've had morning sickness worse than last time. My appitite is gone and I've been pretty nauseous. The nausea is starting to get better, so I'm really hoping my appitite will return soon!

My tests came back the other day and they said I have a bladder infection! The night before I had been cramping a bit, so I was worried. I'm relieved that it's "only" an infection. I got antibiotics right away and I'm hoping it'll be gone soon. It's very painful! I have constant cramps and I'm pretty much on the couch all day. Lifting anything, especially Dawson, hurts really bad. I've had 2 days of antibiotics so far and it hasn't really gotten any better yet. I'm hoping maybe tomorrow it will.

Here's the ultrasound pic! Baby is 9 weeks here. I saw little arms and legs moving at the ultrasound, it was really neat.

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Jodi said...

Aww, what a sweet little bean! Doesn't it feel good to get this news out there? I'm going public later this week if everything okay at my U/S tomorrow. I feel like I've been keeping it secret forever!

Congrats again!