Sunday, March 17, 2013

Three Birthdays

We've had 3 birthdays since my last post. Tyler's was February 26th. Dan's was March 4th and Gabriel's is March 28th. We had his family birthday party today.

For Tyler's birthday, we brought all the donations to Children's, along with a Ronald McDonald House food and supply drive and breakfast bags that I coordinated through my MOPS group. It was a very snowy day and the van didn't start when we went to leave, but Dan got the battery jumped and the van running in not too long. It went pretty well, the kids were good and the roads weren't awful. We also got to see Tyler's main oncology clinic nurse and she got to see Gabriel too.

Toys for the Oncology kids at Children's Hospital
 I was hoping to get this box almost full. It was a really big box. I was surprised to have overflowed it! People are very generous. :)
 100 breakfast bags for Ronald McDonald House
 Food/supply drive for Ronald McDonald House
 Gabriel does this each morning, he has his breakfast and watches cartoons or plays games on the ipad. I've suggested sitting on the couch or at the table, but he insists on sitting on the floor here!
 Dawson's new carseat. He really likes it, so comfy!
 Me at 12 weeks pregnant
 Dawson making Daddy's birthday cake. He was quite excited about it. The next day when Dan went to have a piece, he told Daddy he can't eat birthday cake because it's not his birthday anymore!
 The best part, frosting!
 Gabriel playing with horses, his favorite thing.
 Dawson decided to play with him, which doesn't happen too much.
 Gabriel's birthday cake. I decided to switch it up a bit and buy one. Was very yummy!
 He wanted to touch the candle. So pretty!
 So excited!
 Dawson had to help blow the candle out
 Cake and ice cream. He ate it all himself with no mess! Impressive.
 Time for presents! He loves his little goat
He also got Toy Story and Curious George 2. Also a shirt and pajama set.

 He has this present opening thing down good this year
 Wow, a big box full of zoo animals!
 Happy little boy
 After never messing with the bathroom, he decided to get some toilet paper and run around with it.So much fun being 2!

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Misa D. said...

Happy Birthday to Tyler, Dan and Gabriel! Gabriel is so adorable with his horses! =) And one again, congrats on another baby coming on the way!