Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Fun and a New Baby!

We have lots of fun things planned for this summer! Friday we went to the MN Zoo with a friend and her 2 kids. It was a very long night, I woke up at 1am because of a storm that hit. 70mph winds and a ton of rain. It knocked out our electricity, along with most of the town as well. Thankfully we got ours back on that morning, but much of the town will be without all weekend. The boys woke up and were rather taken back by nothing working. Dawson was worried that our house was broken. He was reassured when I told him it would be fixed soon. Thankfully we had planned on leaving early that morning anyway, so we didn't have to deal with it for very long. I was quite tired from being up since 1am though! I didn't get back to sleep much after that.

We got to the zoo and Dawson was in a funk from our house being broken and because we passed a waterpark and he'd rather be doing that. Gabriel was in animal lover heaven. By the end of the trail I had a happy boy, a crabby boy and was very tired from pushing them both in the stroller! Thankfully we had a break in the middle of the trail, that had a little playground and some refreshments. Gabriel decided to run through a puddle repeatedly. With his stuffed zebra. Then he decided the zebra needed to splash in the puddle too. They both ended up rather soaked and the zebra was in dire need of a good bath and joined the next load of laundry! It's white again now. :)

 Watching Dawson in the splash pad, but not brave enough to join him yet.
 Penguins! They were chasing each other around and Gabriel found it very exciting.
 Dawson liked the big fish tank.
Gabriel, all wet from playing in that puddle, but very pleased with himself.
Dawson watching penguins

After the zoo I went to the hospital to see my sister, who had her baby boy, Kale, just after midnight on Friday! He's so adorable! It will be nice to not be the only one in the family with kids, and it's fun to finally be an aunt. Dawson wanted to hold him right away and loved it. He's so sweet with babies.
 Gabriel was very interested too and gave him some kisses and hugs. I didn't get a great picture of him though, I was mostly too busy holding them both.

 I'm a happy Auntie. :)

 Afterward we went to my parent's house to check out the storm damage. They lost 12 trees, some big ones too! Gabriel was impressed with all the water that was in the hole.

Saturday we went to the food festival, where they had food, pony rides and a harnessed trampoline. Gabriel was super excited to see the horses, which are actually PONIES! Dawson was correcting him every time Gabriel said Horse and was getting all worked up about it! Gabriel didn't notice or care, he was too excited.
 So happy to be on a horse!
 YeeHaw! He was going between saying Horse! and YeeHaw! Was so adorable.
 I took a video of him riding.

Trampoline! Dawson has been on this one before and was excited to do it again. Gabriel hadn't done it before, but wanted to. He cried getting harnessed, but was giggling so hard while I bounced him!

I had my 29 week OB appointment today. Baby sounds good, measuring good too. I had the glucose test, which I passed in 1st trimester, but failed this time. So I'm going in on Friday for 4 hours so I can do the longer test. Not looking forward to that, and even more just hoping I don't fail the longer test! That would mean having to watch my sugar intake, which doesn't sound very nice not being able to have ice cream in the summer! Hoping for some better news Friday.

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