Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dawson's Birthday and July

Happy 6th Birthday Dawson! This boy is getting so big and he's come so far! He had a great birthday. He chose pink frosting for his cake and enjoyed blowing out his 6 candles.

 He got one of his favorite games! A therapist has brought this one several times and he was very excited to own it.
 He opened and read all the cards very well. He barely needed help with any of the words.
 Opening gifts is so exciting!
 What's in this one??
 A Toy Story Wii video game!!
 Big cardboard bricks to stack and knock over. A favorite thing to do at ECFE class.
 Yummy snacks
 He was excited to get his Pacman toy too. It's a controller you hook to the TV that has pacman and other similar games on it.
 They played very well with the new games and toys.
 Gabriel was most interested in building towers and knocking them over
 Gabriel has been refusing naps lately, but it's obvious he still needs them. He will often randomly fall asleep in different places. This one was new though. He'd been watching Dawson play the laptop at the counter and decided to climb up there and fall asleep.
 His chair is one of the more common places he falls asleep. He often just plays for most of the day, but when he's tired he will request a movie and he ends up zoning out and falling asleep.
 The boys were very quiet. Too quiet. I went to check on them, expecting to find trouble. I saw this instead. :)
 We went to a HopeKids event at Majestic Hills Ranch in the cities. The boys had fun. They got to ride once around the arena and then we made hats and had lunch they provided. Was nice seeing some families I haven't seen in a while. Gabriel got to ride the pony.
 Dawson got to ride the horse. He hasn't had horse therapy during the summer, so he was happy to get on a horse again. I'm still debating whether to do it this fall or not. I'm not sure how much he really gets into it. Hard to tell if it's worth it or not.

 Gabriel got a couple bead necklaces in the hat making line. He loves playing with those. It kept him entertained the rest of the day!
 Dawson enjoyed making a hat
 Waiting for the glue lady to put the things he chose on his hat.
 Baby shower! A friend asked to throw a shower for me, so that was exciting! I haven't had one since Dawson. I have nothing girly, and my baby stuff is 6 years old and worn after 3 kids. So it was nice to get some new baby things and see some people. Plus I got to hold my nephew again! I don't see him very often. He fell asleep on me. He makes Gabriel look so big!

 Me and my awesome doula friend ( if anyone is looking for one!)
 Me and Heather, who did the shower
 Shower gifts! Got a lot of good and useful stuff!
 Cute outfits
 Diapers, wipes and crib sheets

Me at 34 weeks
 Gabriel sleeping in his chair again. He often grabs his zebra and horse when he's tired. Good thing his chair reclines, I just lay him back and he naps. :)

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