Sunday, September 21, 2008

17 Week Appointment!

I had my 17 week appointment on the 17th. Everything was good! Baby was giving the Dr a hard time, kept moving all around in there so Dr was having trouble getting a heartrate because baby kept moving around too much! So the Dr said baby is very active, so obviously there's a good heartrate there! I'm getting pretty big too, moving into the maternity shirts. I can still fit into my regular t-shirts, but they are getting kinda tight! I set up my 20 week ultrasound for October 8th. We're still completely not sure if we're going to find out the gender, but we're pretty sure we are. Only 17 days to go! :)

Dawson is 14 months old and walking all over the place. He rarely ever crawls unless he's in a new place. Around home he makes sure he's on his feet as much as possible. He even walked on the grass today, which he never did before! He's been trying to run, or at least walk faster. He usually falls if he's going fast, but his walking has gotten a lot faster and steadier than it was before. It's crazy how fast they learn!

Here's Dawson standing in the kitchen. It was on the 9th, when he was first starting to walk around more.

He was being silly and playing peek-a-boo by putting his head around the corner of the stove. He loves that game.

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