Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Anniversary and some new Firsts for Dawson!

Sept 3rd was our 3 year wedding anniversary! Hoping to do something this weekend, but not sure what yet.

Lots of stuff new with Dawson lately! He's been walking more and more all the time now. He takes short trips across the room now and he's getting more balanced and less shaky while he's walking. He's starting to do more walking than crawling now!

Last night he had 2 firsts. He finally drank from a sippy cup! He'd been only doing regular cups or nursing before that. But he wasn't drinking a lot from a regular cup and I wanted him to be somewhat independent. He thought the sippy I had was ok, but wasn't drinking it a lot and it kept leaking a lot. One of my online friends recommended the Nuby sippy cup. I got it today and he's been drinking out of it since we got home!

Also last night, he took one of my small but regular sized tomatoes and decided to eat it! I peeled the skin and he ate the whole thing! Tonight he wanted to try my carrots, but they were too hard for him. He still wanted to be a part of it, so he started feeding them to me instead!

He's about to get some new teeth too. He's been teething like crazy and I can see 1 through the gums already and another one is really close. He has a couple molars that he's been working on for about a month now, so I'm hoping those will come through soon too. He's been really fussy lately and getting low fevers again, so I'm hoping they are close!

Here's some cute pics of him from the other day. His tomato face from last night!

Him playing with the stuffed moose he got from the fair. I found him laying on it all snuggled up, but then he started showing off for the camera!

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