Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Pictures

We went to the State Fair on August 28th. It was nice weather for it too. I was tired the whole day and Dawson had a reaction to the horse barn, but other than that it was fun. Here's Dawson after his reaction. If you look close you can see tons of bubbles all over his face, especially under his eyes.
The crowd at the fair. Very typical. We brought Dawson's monkey harness with because he wanted to walk and we didn't want to lose him. It worked out really well.
Dawson on the carousel, his first time riding by himself. It was a smaller, slower one than he'd been on before. He did great! He was waving at me in his pic, saying "Bye! See ya later!"
He liked the car rides too. He didn't smile much in the pics. Like last time, he was pretty serious but was all smiles and thanking us when he got off.
What happens when you bake with a toddler. It was a ceramic (I think) flour container, a wedding gift.
 Tyler having fun on the slide. He recently started going feet first though.
Tyler is very good at climbing up to the slide. The steps are nice and wide for him. Dawson is learning patience and how to wait his turn instead of trying to pass Tyler on the steps.
Dawson giving Tyler a hug after he got up from falling over. He's so protective of his little brother, it's cute!
Dawson pushing Tyler on the swing
Dawson hanging from a bar above the top of a slide
Tyler sleeping while Dawson plays. He had already worn himself on our playground, so he didn't stay awake to make it to the playground in the middle of our walk.
 Dawson riding the car in the parking lot. It's Tyler's car and a bit small for him.
I love how he sits up so straight! Makes him look a bit older too.
They were playing on the couch. Flopping down next to each other, rolling into each other's laps. The giggles to were too cute to ignore, so I had to get some pics.
Tyler having fun on a slide
The boys on my grandma's swing
Dawson had gotten off and Tyler looked so cute crossing his legs

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