Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby #3

I took the test on July 30th and it was positive! A big surprise to me, even after all the signs I'd been having!
At our family reunion I had Tyler wear this shirt. I originally bought it for Dawson to announce my pregnancy with Tyler. I was happy the shirt fit Tyler so I could use it again.
Close-up of the shirt. He'd worn it all day, so had his dinner all over it by the time I got to take the pic.
I've been feeling great so far! No nausea or anything. Just a bit less energy. Before I tested I noticed I was getting a bit bloated, but didn't think much of it. A couple days before I was going to have a pop tart but when I bit into it, it suddenly tasted sickeningly sweet and I felt nauseous at the thought of even smelling it anymore! That's when I really started to wonder, since I never have food aversions unless I'm pregnant! I hadn't even missed my period yet, so I had no reason to guess before that. We're excited and a bit nervous to be outnumbered!

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