Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dawson and Tyler's Development

The school gave me the HELP (Hawaii Early Learning Profile) charts that they use for keeping track of development. I got them for both the boys, it's nice to be able to look and see what they need to be working on. Their original evaluations from the school were 8 months ago so I thought I'd compare how they're doing now.

Dawson was at an 8-12 month level for Language, now he's at around 18-20 months.
His Cognitive was at 18-24 months, now he's at about 23 months. He had been on the lower end of that age group.
His Social Behavior was around 12 months, now it's up to about 22 months.
Self Help was at the low end of 18-24 months before, now he's at about 23 months.
Fine Motor was around 18-24 months, now he's at about 23 months.
Gross Motor was at 24-30 months, he was right on track then. He's at a 30 month level now, so a little behind. He isn't riding a trike yet or balancing on 1 foot, which is what is holding it up.
I'm happy to see him gaining ground in all the areas, especially the speech. :)  He's currently 37 months.

Tyler is currently 17 1/2 months. He wasn't very behind in January but hasn't made much progress since then either. The chemo is known for delaying development. Here's where he's at:
His Gross Motor is around 15 months.
Social Behavior is around 12-14 months.
Fine Motor is around 10-13 months.
Cognitive is around 10-12 months.
Self Help is around 10-12 months
Language is around 4-6 months

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