Friday, August 6, 2010

Benton County Fair

Thursday was armband day for rides, so I decided to go that day. Since Dan was at work I called my sister to see if she could come with and help with the boys. I knew some things like the carousel I'd need to be on with them. Thankfully she said yes and we got to the fair around 6:30pm. I bought an armband for Dawson and tickets for 1 ride for Tyler, to see if he liked it. Turns out he wanted no part of it! Even sitting by Dawson he cried, so the operator got him off before he started the ride. We did use his ride ticket for the carousel though and he seemed to do ok with that. It was a fast one and I think he was getting a bit nauseous. After that he was very happy just to sit and watch the rides. He was very clingy to me though, but after a while he allowed me to put him back in the stroller. Dawson loved it, went on all the kid rides and had tons of fun. I couldn't catch many smiles in the pics, he was very into going onto the ride and then he got more serious for the ride, like he was driving or something. It was cute. I also brought Dawson in to look at some animals since Tyler isn't allowed near them. He named the animals after I told him what they were. He was excited to see some of them, like the sheep and cow because those are animals on Word World and he recognized the names. He also liked the rabbits, they were really hopping all over the place.
 Tyler finally smiled because I was playing peek-a-boo with him.
Wouldn't have been my first choice, but he wanted to go on the bus. He came running off it at the end, came over to me with a big grin and said "Thank You!". I guess he liked it, crazy boy!
Tyler watching the bus ride. Looks like he thought it was crazy too!
Tyler really enjoyed watching the rides and all the lights.
Mini ferris wheel. He loved it! Giggled on the way down everytime.
Tyler liked walking around. He'd walk a little ways away and then come back giggling at us.
He was very excited to on this. He wasn't big enough last year, but he seemed to like it this year.
Kiddie Coaster! He's in the 4th car.
Ice cream break. Yummy!
One of his favorite rides, the train! Funny thing is, he thought it was very boring last year, but now that he has trains that he plays with, the thought of riding on a train suddenly had new meaning. He rode the train about 3 times. He passed us by saying "choo-choo!" :)  He even likes looking at this pic of him in the train.
They were both good and tired by the time we got home at 11:15pm. Dawson liked having his Auntie tuck him into bed, but got up wanting to play with her a bit later. After she left, of course! I told him she left to go sleep at her house and he seemed ok with that answer. He promptly fell asleep after that!

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Anonymous said...


What a beautiful family. I will be praying for Tyler's complete recovery and for your entire family. I know how hard an illness can be when it effects one of your children. May God bless you all.

Love Carol Sinclair :O)

My Grandma, God bless her, was from the Burdick Line.