Thursday, August 12, 2010

Speech Therapy Evaluations

It's been a busy week! Tuesday I was able to have a day of relaxation, we had my sister come over to swim with us. It was very fun, she brought a friend and the boys enjoyed all the attention. Dawson liked being held by Sarah while chased by Tony. It was nice to have an arm free too. I usually only had 1 to watch instead of both, so it was more relaxing for me. This will most likely be the last summer that I can take the kids into the pool by myself, so I'm trying to take advantage of it while I can! They are getting increasingly more independent, wanting out of their baby/toddler floaties and wanting to be held or play on the stairs. They both have toddler life vests on, but it still makes me nervous! I hope to go swimming more before Fall and hopefully Sarah will be able to come over again to swim with us. :)

Dawson had his Speech evaluation on Wednesday and Tyler's today. They are both considered severely delayed in speech and communication and will be getting Speech Therapy twice a week! I was expecting once a week. Thankfully I'm able to schedule both of them at the same time so we'll only have to go in twice a week instead of 4 times for both kids! I'm relieved about that. There are about 5 or 6 therapists they'll be working with and she said they all pretty much have the same approach, so that's good. I really liked the way she talked to Dawson and got him to listen. She didn't let him get away with anything, which he caught onto quickly. She told me right away yesterday that there would be tantrums and meltdowns but eventually he would really start improving.

Dawson was eager to come in today, even though it wasn't about him, but she brought him toys anyway so he didn't really know the difference! I could tell she was really observing Dawson as well as Tyler while she was asking me questions about Tyler. It's great seeing that she seems to really care and wanted to get a jump on things with Dawson.

Tyler on the other hand wanted nothing to do with that place. She spoke to him in the waiting room and panic set in. He screamed, wiggled and kicked all the way back to the room. He was happy to be let down with toys though. I hope he responds well, I think Dawson will do well but I'm not sure about Tyler. He's very independent with his play lately, doesn't even want me playing with his toys! If things don't go his way we see the typical pre-2 tantrum. We've been seeing more of those lately. Dawson took his blue train away from him today and it was indeed the end of the world! He did a dramatic flop to the floor, looked up to make sure one of us was looking and then layed face-down, arms out. It's just one of those things, you can either get frustrated or just roll your eyes and laugh to yourself! I personally find it amusing, I'm just waiting it out, hoping it'll stop soon.

Another thing that could stop any day now and I'd be more than happy is this heat! It's been so humid outside, I just don't feel like going anywhere! Which isn't an option since we go somewhere 4-6 days per week! This weekend we have a date night Friday, family reunion on Saturday and a get together with some friends in the cities on Sunday, so I sure hope the weather cooperates and is somewhat decent!

They took a rare nap the other day, it was so nice to have some quiet and they looked so cute sleeping by each other. I had brought them in from the car and put them both there. I figured at least one of them would get up right away but they slept for a good 30 minutes. 

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