Thursday, August 5, 2010

Days at Home

Seems like there's never a boring moment here, even if we're home for the day! Someone is always doing something, whether it's being cute, troublesome or downright naughty! ;)  Not much new has changed but I got some pics of the normal routine things we do around here.

Dawson often likes to enjoy his breakfast on the couch while watching Word World or some other cartoon he likes. Jellied bread is his new favorite. He's usually very careful with it. Otherwise he usually has cereal. If he wants something else, he'll go sit at the table. It's nice that he knows the difference between what's allowed and what's not. Usually. I did see him try to take a bowl of yogurt in there the other day, which didn't happen, so there's always those exceptional moments.
Tyler enjoys the cartoons also. He really keeps his attention on things for quite a while. It's one of his stronger points. His teacher is very impressed at how long he can be attentive to things.
Tyler's hair! He's finally getting a nice layer of it. It's super soft too. Usually is after it grows back from the chemo they said, so nice to know that it's normal. 
Seems like half of their meal (at least Tyler's) ends up on the floor. It's always fun to sweep up the mess with all the toys laying around! Tyler always makes sure to crumble things up nice and small, though if he's done he'll throw the rest as big pieces. 
Playing peek-a-boo with Tyler. I sat around the corner of the kitchen and he walks around the corner and always has big smiles and giggles for me.
He was surprised to see me come around the corner instead.
He was being pretty silly that night, he decided to peek through his legs.
Busted!! Dawson found Great-Grandma's spice cake that she sent home with us. The best part is the frosting, he was eating small bits at a time from his finger. It had fallen upside down, so most of the frosting was on the lid.
Oh no! Mom noticed, must finish frosting before she takes it away!!!
The shirt I bought at the Relay for Life in Becker. I've gotten many compliments on it around town. Seems that many people agree with the statement and often share their stories too. :)
Today the Speech Therapy at the Plaza called to set up an evaluation. Got Dawson's set up and she almost hung up on me before I was able to keep her on the phone to set up Tyler's too! She didn't realize I had 2 who needed it. So they are set up for next week. I haven't heard back from the OT place, but that's ok. It'll be nice just to get going on the 1 place before adding the 2nd place so I think that'll work out well. I really hope they take to the place well.

Dawson is done with preschool for the summer. He'll start again in the Fall, 3 days per week. His teacher said he really loved school and did well. It's great seeing him so happy about it. On school days he's so much more verbal when he gets home, it's great!

Tyler has decided that making messes is lots of fun. He likes to take clothes from either his or my clothes pile and drag them all over the apartment. So if you come over and find an undergarment in the living room, you know why it's there!! At least this is keeping my pile smaller. I really need to go through my dresser and find room for the rest of my shirts though! I bought summer shirts and they just sit in a pile. One of the many things I need to get to arranging soon! I'm finding it increasingly more difficult to get things done. Tyler has gone from crying when I do things to being "helpful" by removing things from the room or dive-bombing a neat pile I just made. Of course who could get mad at that cute little giggly face?! Not me! :)

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